Birthday Party (Mini Series 3 – Transportation & Jungle Party)

Welcome to the third post of the birthday party series I am putting together. I love throwing my kids a party. The thing I failed to think about when I had my kids was having them all in the summer months means having separate parties would be harder due to family members being located in multiple locations. Reality is they can’t come up each month for a new party so we have to combine the parties. You will see once we added to our family we started to combine the parties and each kid got their own theme. A new post will be added every Saturday to share all the kids parties.

My oldest turned three and we threw him a transportation birthday party and my second born turned one and his party was a jungle theme. My mother-in-law made the boys cakes and I order cupcakes from Wegman’s. She created the signs the signs that went into the cupcakes. This party was held outside when it was in the 100’s and the cakes were melting. We did not have the space to host a party and I was very pregnant with our third child.

I created the boys banners – the transportation one had airplanes and it looked liked it was pull the letters behind the plane like a banner. The jungle one had leaves and I made a one year banner for Zander. I used yellow duck tape to add lines for the road on a black table cloth and I did a basic jungle color scheme for the jungle tables. The food was typical cook out food and unlike previous parties I did not use theme names for the items. I did create a “watering” hole for the bottles of water.

My mother made the parking meter for the transportation part of the party. I get my creative side from her and she often will help me with the decorations. She outdid herself this past year with the piñata’s she created, check out those post when they come out on a later date.

Now our second child ended up eating his cake with his hands but it took us a few times to show him how to do it. He was covered in the cake by the end and he has been using his hands ever since. 🙂


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