Almost there…

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I feel this pregnancy is DRAGGING and it this was a singleton one I would still have five weeks to go. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and if baby A is still head down then I’m scheduled for next Tuesday to be induced. I am glad to finally have an end at sight but now I am having all these feeling. I know I can’t be the only mother who has this sense of guilt for adding more kids to the family. I feel everytime we go to add a kid and in this case two; I am messing up the routine we finally have in place. Y is finally sleeping through the night, the boys have a set bedtime, and we get them up by a certain time in the morning. I am not getting sleep due to the babies but if I wasn’t pregnant we would be in a set routine. I have a system in place when we go out and when we do everyday life. In one week if I can’t get myself to go before then we will be changing EVERYTHING (again)!

I remember when I found out I was expecting twins I was nervous because I knew the end would be so different from my other pregnancies and that made me sad on one level. I also was fearful something would go wrong because I was told that mono/di twins could come with a lot of risk. Then there was a fear I would lose one of them because that is a thing. When we were trying to decide if we wanted to try for a fifth I kept feeling like someone was missing in our family and I kept seeing five kids. Then I found out we would have six instead of five but I didn’t sense six kids. I know that sounds crazy and it was a little foolish but it crossed my mind. We haven’t gotten another car so then there is a fear that something is going to happen and we won’t need another car. My best friend actually put me in my place earlier in my pregnancy because of my doom and gloom thoughts. I think there is still a small part of me that is fearful and I haven’t allowed myself to get REALLY excited about having twins.

The Lord knew I have wanted twins since we started to try for a baby (back in 2015) but having them on top of having four young kids was not apart of our plan – then again nothing that we are facing right now has been apart of our plan. The kids seems to be excited about the new additions but the only one who truly understands is my oldest and he is sort of used to it by now. My soon to be one year old LOVES her big brothers but I don’t know how she will handle having two younger brothers but my second born was around the same age when our third came and he didn’t seem to mind, nor care that we had another child in the mix. The boys enjoyed having their sister and I haven’t really seen any jealousy but my second born wanted to hold her and do stuff with her so that got challenging.

My husband told me I was worrying to much and was repeating myself which annoyed me because I didn’t think I was openly expressing how I felt. Then again I know a lot of people believe if you mention anything then clearly you are worried about it. I remember having a conversation with a friend in college and I was like just because I mention it doesn’t mean I’m worried. I’m just trying to have a conversation about whatever it was at the time. I still have things I would like to have done before these babies get here so I need to sit down and work on a “To-Do” list and start doing it just in case I do go into labor before Tuesday. We have family coming on Friday evening so I need to get stuff ready for them. My mom is helping out with the kids while we go to the hospital which is a pretty big deal but it’s also causing some stress. I am filled with so much emotions and thoughts right now. I just need to not let myself start to freak out and get what I can done.

34 Weeks Update

I haven’t had an ultrasound for a while but I have had two stress test each week. The boys are doing great according to the nurse everytime she reads the results for the stress test. I am so ready for them to come out. The weight of my stomach is starting to take a toll on my knees. I am noticing discomfort when I get up from sitting so that’s been fun. The way the boys are laying can take a toll on certain bones when I’m sleeping. I have to shift my weight often and my circulation is so bad. I will write in the morning before I start my day and I have to stop to get some flow back into my hand.

This coming week I will finally have another ultrasound and I’m hoping that Baby A hasn’t flipped. Since my last ultrasound I woke up to pain because of the position one of the babies was in and it took me getting up and moving for him to shift and stop hurting. As long as he is head down we will be having these babies in about 11 days. I am really hoping I can kick my body into labor before the 31st. I started to eat dates a few days ago and now I have to hide them because my second born wants to eat them. I watched a video and read how they can help get you ready for birth, cut time down during delivery, and help with recovering from birth. I am not looking forward to the cramping after having these babies.

Laying on my back is really hard on my body so I’m wondering how delivering these babies is going to be since I can barely breath when I end up on my back. I still have a few things I need to do before the twins come and if I don’t get to it it’s not that big of a deal. I am just dragging my feet but since I haven’t had any signs of labor starting or even braxton hicks I am not in a hurry. I keep reminding my husband that if we go into labor before Memorial Day weekend I will be giving birth to the babies by myself at the hospital. I don’t want that but at this point it would be fine – I am getting used to having to do things on my own. Anyway – these babies will be here soon and it’s going to be so weird but exciting to have two babies instead of one.

Toys Obsession – Why!?

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I’m in a place in my life that I need to do some deep searching to figure out what is driving me to provide every toy under the sun for my kids. We have so many toys – ever since my oldest has been a baby I have provided a list to anyone who was interested in buying him a gift. He and his brothers have gotten so many toys over the years. When we moved from OH most of the stuff I kept was their toys. Currently in my daughters room there is a crib for her but she is surrounded by toys. I have two tall shoe racks to store shoe box size boxes with toys. I have a variety of sizes of bins to store my kids toys.

I’m currently sitting in the living room where we have it set up for the kids. The thing is they barely play in this room. I was given a kitchen set that you would find in a preschool/kindergarten classroom. I worked at a daycare for four years and I loved the layout of the rooms. We had a science center, a home-living center, reading center, music center, art center, quiet center, block center, writing center, math center, and maybe a special center depending on the interest of the children. I wanted to set up this type of environment for my kids. The issue that I have found is that they have freedom to move from the living room to other rooms in the house. This was causing me a lot of stress because I was having to deal with toys all over the house. Currently I have downsized what they have access to for this time because of the arrival of twins and I’m tired of dealing with toys EVERYWHERE!

Now I should share that I am very protective of my kids toys and I keep them organized. You would think that as a mom of four young kids I wouldn’t remember which toys go where and what is missing but I typically do. The reason is because it matters to me and I used to have a really good memory. My oldest has inherited that memory and he can tell you about toys at his Mamaw house. He may not think about them all the time but he will say we have this toy and/or he has asked me about certain toys. I sort the toys into bins so I can switch them out over time to keep them interested. The issues is I have not been able to do that and I know that it’s due to the season we are currently in.

Two family members love giving the kids toys for birthdays and Christmas. It getting to a point that I don’t know what I should tell them anymore. One family member has gotten to a point of giving me the money so I can pick something out. The other family member has decided they will no longer use the Amazon list I provide as a guidance because I put to many educational toys on the list. The thing is and this is going to sound bad but if I don’t put it on the list there is a good chance it will go away. I’m the one that has to maintain it so I get to decide what stays and goes. The latest thing is they want to buy toys that are commercial toys and you would think the boys would be into it but I am learning that isn’t the case. We currently have out the cars from the Cars movies, dinosaurs, Paw Patrol toys, and “baby” type toys for Y. The younger boys are really into the cars and that’s all they pay with most of the time. My oldest wants to watch TV all day but when he does play he typically play with the dinosaurs. There are few odds and ends but it’s simple.

I am looking forward to sorting the toys and downsizing but it may take me months to get to it. As long as we aren’t moving then I have over a year to get rid of stuff.

Mother’s Day

I posted on my personal Instagram account pictures of me being pregnant for all my kids. These are the last pictures before I had them – now the last one is the most recent so I am pretty sure there will be a few more before they come. I had to laugh because my hair has been different lengths and my hair in the current one is the longest but you can’t tell because I threw it up in a pony tale. Apparently I have a color I enjoy while I’m pregnant like salmon and navy blue. I liked my hair the best in the second picture and I would totally do that again.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day – we have nothing plan and I have learned to be ok with it. I could be sad or disappointed but it’s not going to change anything. The boys are to young to do anything on their own and I feel weird doing something for myself. Honestly, all I want is to not have to do everyday things. I don’t want to cook, clean, change diapers, take kids upstairs for naps, or anything that I do on a normal day. I did put together a pan of french toast that can be thrown in the oven in the morning. It’s not like my kids will eat it but at least I will offer it to them – then again they may eat it up. I was told this morning that my son is over chocolate chips pancakes. I am not a fan of breakfast food so figuring out what I can make on the weekend will be another challenge for me to figure out.

I guess it’s safe to say Mother’s Day is another holiday that is designed to sell cards, flowers, chocolate, and any other girly things. I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and there were a lot of guys with kids shopping. The card section had multiple people picking out cards. I think on some level when I see people shopping at the last minute it annoys me because I feel most of the time it’s a person last ditch to get something random. I guess it’s better than nothing – right? Gifts are hard for me mostly because I don’t want just anything I would rather get something I need/want. I guess on some level it’s hard for someone to gift me a gift unless they have access to a gift list. I’m not a flower person, don’t care for a box of chocolate, and words of affirmation isn’t my top love language and if I was honestly it’s really hard for me to accept any kind of words these days.

I am also not a very good gift giver and never do anything for our mother’s which on some level I feel bad. We will call them tomorrow and I wish we could talk without hearing Happy’s Mother’s Day. I know that my MIL is going to ask what I got and point out how I shouldn’t have to do x, y, and z. Just a reminder of how the day is going to be just another day. I think the last Mother’s Day gift I got was before I gave birth to my first son – I got a photo printer which I need another one. My husband is a technology giver and since we don’t have in the budget I won’t be receiving anything – even though I could use another set of airpods since my left one won’t work correctly. Anyway – I hope other mothers get a nice day and I can have some down time throughout the day.

Twins Update – 28 weeks

I had an updated ultrasound for the boys and it was a positive one. The doctor didn’t even come into the room because I had no questions. The only thing is I think the women who did the scans had them mixed up. I am going to confirm this when I talk to them next week. If she did not then I am completely clueless when it comes to which baby is located in each spot. We got to see the hair on one of the babies and I thought that was really cool. All my kids have been born with hair so it didn’t surprise me. I just never seen it on an ultrasound. They were both head down and next to each other. They are in their own sack so they aren’t really touching one another but it looks like they are at times. I thought I saw one of them sucking their thumb on the screen.

According to the technician Baby A is 2LBS 5oz and Baby B is 2LBS 8oz – but I don’t know if she was labeling them correctly. The baby that is laying on top of the other baby has flipped himself so I am feeling him more often. I have been watching my belly move in a few areas and it’s kind of cool to watch. We could have these boys in seven weeks if not sooner. We still need another car and a few odds and ends. I am still trying to get this place in order and our future is still up in the air with no real plan. I’m used to this at this point but it doesn’t make it any easier. I am looking forward to meeting JC and JD (not their full names) and see if they truly do look alike and how similar they look to their sibling.

Epidural Wars

This post is not going to put down any woman who choose to get an epidural but I am tired of hearing people putting down other people who choose not to get an epidural. I am going to share a part of my own stories. We all have our own personal reasons why we choose the method we picked at the time of brith. I am a big advocate of trying to have a baby without any medication so this post leans towards not having one, but I am in no way shaming anyone who gets one. This is mostly because of my own personal experience. I may write about each of my birth stories in multiple post. I have had many questions over the years.

I remember being with a group of woman and one of the woman said with a smug tone “It’s not like you get an award for giving birth without medications.” Now this woman had three children and shortly after saying this she began to talk about how each time she had her kids she had some complication before giving birth. I personally witness someone who had three kids and I was in the room for two of the three. It seemed every time they got the epidural something would happen and caused all the nurses to rush in shortly after she received it.The first two times they were able to get her situated and nothing came of it. but she ended up having a c-section for their third child. I am not saying it was the cause of the epidural but at the time it made me pause and wonder if it had something do with it.

I think we are naive if we don’t think there are consequence for everything we take – it could be vaccines, an epidural, over the counter medicine, and even natural remedies. The thing is we often don’t experience the things that could happen when taking *insert* medicine. I read an article when I was pregnant with my first child that I wish I would have saved and printed it out. The woman who wrote the post talked about the side effect of having an epidural but she was not discouraging anyone to not get one, just informing the readers.

I never set out to not have an epidural at least for my first child – I kept an open mind because I had no idea what to expect. I waited so long to have kids because I was SO SCARED of the pain. I have talked to a lot of woman during this time and I really wanted to try to not have one. I read that some women had issues with breastfeeding after having an epidural and not being able to walk right away didn’t seem appealing to me. Then I heard a lot of stories of women who got one but it didn’t work and to me I felt it was pointless to get it just for it to not work. I was also told that typically women who don’t get one usually go faster because they can feel everything and know when to push.

I went into labor with my first child 11:00PM on a Friday and didn’t have him until 7:58PM on Saturday. I was in the hospital from 6AM. I labored all day and I started off strong with no medicine and truth be told by 5:00PM I was starting to regret my choice of not having one. The biggest reason why I ended up not having one was because of a nurse named Erica. She was AMAZING! I truly appreciated her and was so blessed to have her as my nurse – unfortunately she was off her shift before I had my first son but I wouldn’t of made it without her. I learned quickly from being in the room with other people that nurses are trained to support whatever choice you make. When I decided to not have any meds they would tell me why that was a good choice. I was in the room with someone else and I remember the nurses telling her all the reason why it was a good idea for her to have one. Just to clarify this was at the same hospital I had my first two kids and I visited a handful of people at the same hospital.

I fear this blog will end up being super long so I will try to not drag it out but I have had three other babies and all of them were without an epidural. Now my second one is the one that sticks out to me because I often wonder if I would have gotten an epidural if I would have ended up having a c-section. I was moving quickly with this child and I had my first contraction at noon – I was in the hospital at 3:30 and he was out by 5:30ish. Now he would have been out sooner if someone would have listened to me when I told him something wasn’t right. Every time I pushed I could feel him in the same spot because it felt like something was preventing him from moving down. I said something and they wrote me off, but then after another hour of pushing I finally asked “Could there be something physically keeping him from moving along?” The midwife called in the doctor and she said it looked like a part of my cervix was slightly swollen so they decided to give me Benadryl. I never heard of that but I just wanted him out and we were told it would take 15 minutes for it to kick in. That was false because he was out in 8 minutes. I didn’t even feel him crown that is how quickly it worked. He came out with a couple of pushes.

Then with my 3rd child I was at a random hospital in another state – that is a story for another day but what stuck out to me was the one woman who was in charge of getting the epidural looked at me as if I was foolish to thing I would not have an epidural. She told me she had to have in place just “in case”. He came pretty quickly and everyone actually left except one person. When I told her he dropped I got on my back and he was out with a few pushes. I had no issues with him the only thing was I was afraid I would prevent him from coming because I was nervous about my two other kids being in the room. Now my last delivery was last year and there isn’t much to say about the epidural because they knew this was my fourth child and they seemed to be like “Ok, you clearly know what you are doing.”

Now I am holding on to hope that I can have these twins naturally and that like with all my other kids they will come on their own. I know they plan to induce me at a certain point but I really don’t want to because that is a whole other thing that I personally feel strongly about and have been able to avoid. I will put my children health first but if I can have these two with no meds then that is my first choice.

I get it I don’t have a plaque on my wall for each of my deliveries but what I do have is the pride I feel for doing it. I felt like super woman after I had my first son and I could do anything afterward. I continue to feel that way after each of my babies. I am an advocate of having a natural childbirth but for me I can’t even entertain the idea of having my babies at home. It scares me to death and I feel better once I’m at the hospital. Then again none of my kids have broken my water so I have always had to have help with this step of delivery. I also encourage women to try because I think we often give up before we even try. We are a lot of stronger than we think we are and because we are told we don’t have to feel pain we choose not to but it’s only for a short time. Yes I get it some woman have labored for hours even days and as I said already I’m not putting anyone down for choosing to get an epidural. It was worth every moment for me because I was able to feel my first born having a hard time getting passing the pelvis bone, I was able to feel something wasn’t right with my second, and I knew when it was time because I felt my third dropped.

Did you chose to get an epidural? Why or why not?
Have you had one but decided not to have one later? Why or why not?
Did you not have one but got one for another pregnancy? Why or why not?
Who influenced your decisions?

Twins Update – 3 Appointments

I have been trying to keep these update recent but I was not in the best frame of mind last week to post an update. I think partly because I like to add a picture of the updated ultrasound and I kept forgetting to take a picture of them. I had my normal two weeks ultrasound last week and I left confused and a little worried. The doctor decided to move my growth ultrasound up a week which was this week. He kept telling me that they were measuring small especially baby A. The thing was they didn’t confirm it was TTTS (Twins Transfusion Syndrome) but I did not understand why they kept saying baby A was measuring small since he was only one oz smaller then baby B. When I asked him to clarify why he kept saying baby A was smaller he started to explain TTTS and it took everything inside me to not cut him off. All he ended up saying was that you would be surprise how one oz can make a different and that there are times where the placenta just can’t keep up. I was upset for a few days over this and felt that they did not do a very good job explaining anything.

Now fast forward to Monday when I thought I had scheduled my second 3 hour sugar test but first I met with my OB. She ended up trying to explain to me what she thought the doctor was trying to tell me and why they moved up the appointment. The babies were in the 11th percentile which is low normal but that was not told to me. They had some concern but it was not enough to confirm anything. I felt better once talking to my OB but still annoyed that I was left to feel a certain way. Come to find out I was not scheduled for my 3 hour test but they let me do it anyway. I passed which I had a feeling I would pass because I think the only reason why I failed my 1 hour is because I didn’t eat before I went and I had my appointment first thing in the morning. I didn’t not have a crash this time because I had snacks in the car. I am also not anemic which seems to make everyone happy because typically women with twins are anemic by this point.

Now on Wednesday I had my growth ultrasound and everything looked great. The doctor was very pleased because baby A was now in the 35th percentile and baby B was in the 25th percentile. Baby A was 1lb 15oz and baby b was 1lb 14oz. Fluids looks great and they are sharing nicely. Baby B is laying on top of baby A who is head down and where he needs to be for delivery. Hopefully he will stay that way so I can have a vaginal birth. Baby B is a ball and if you look at the picture you can see I drew an arrow. I sent this picture to my best friend and wrote on it. I had to crop it to get rid of any personal information. That is his leg – which explains why I don’t feel him as much as I feel baby A. I am feeling a lot better and I don’t go back for two weeks. I am getting bigger and it’s harder to a lot of things but I’m continuing to pray for God’s protection. I am hoping I can have these two naturally and I am hoping they will come on their own once we get past 34 weeks. It’s hard to believe but we should these little guys joining us in 10 weeks.

Inventory for Children’s Clothes/Shoes

When we were visiting with family I took three bins of my daughters clothes. The first bin was all Newborn and 0-3 months clothes, the second bin was 3 months and 3-6 months clothes, and the third bin was 6 months and 6-9 months. I went through all the clothes and posted them on the Marketplace. I listed each type of items I had for each size. I had mix feeling about doing this but I know it’s not wise to keep ahold of her clothes when I am honestly hoping to be done after the twins. I have been holding onto the boys clothes for almost six years and have gotten a lot of used out of them. I now have to go through all the bins and see what I have and what I need for the extra boy.

Today I finally went through all the boys shoes and packed them up in a bigger bin. I honestly had no idea how many shoes I had of each sizes due to us being in two different locations last year. Now as I go through them there are a few pairs that needed to be retired. I have always been pretty organized with my kids clothes and I’m pretty sure I shared about them in another blog. I just don’t know the number of each items. We got dumped on today and I have a bin in the car from our trip that had a lot of my Newborn items in it because when I was pregnant with my daughter my mom pulled out gender neutral items so I finally got them back. The thing is I can’t get to the car and even if I could there is a twin size bed frame blocking the bin.

I created a Sheets document and added all the sizes and a general description of each shoe. I am hoping to do this with all the clothes bins and even my daughters clothes I have in storage for a few sizes up. This will be helpful down the road when I go to the thrift store and yard sales. My husband and I want to document all our items in our house and as I stated in another post we haven’t found a software that works for our family. I know this would take more time but I am already going through each bin so why not write down how many sleepers, onesies, pants, shirts, shorts, and etc. I find myself needing to sit more often so I could always collect the information and add them to a document later.

If you are a parent of multiple children how do you handle inventory?
Do you hold onto the clothes/shoes for the next baby (if you know you are going to have another one)?
Do you keep a documented inventory or just wing it?

Hand Surgery

Our middle child was born with webbing in between two of his fingers. We never noticed it until he was 1.5 years old and we first talked to his doctor about it before the pandemic. The plan was to get it taken care of but due to everything shutting down we had to hold off. Fast forward to 3.5 years old he is finally getting it done. I am currently sitting at his bedside while he is still sleeping from being put under. We were told that we didn’t have to get it done but I was finding that he was having a hard time using his fingers for things because it’s his dominant hand.

If we didn’t get it taken care of now later down the road he would have to have it done if we choose to wear a wedding ring. There is a 13% chance it will grow back but I’m not really sure why that is the case. We won’t see the actual hand for 3 weeks and it’s going to be interesting to see how he does with this cast on. Two things is going to happen he will get to a point where he master using his right hand or we will be doing everything for him due to him not using his right hand.

This kids changes his favorite color daily and when he was asked what color he wanted he said black. The doctor even showed him samples and he picked black. I am not sure how he will react once he wakes up to find the cast. As of right now he is still sleeping and I have been sitting here for over 30 minutes. Then again this kid most likely never slept this well in his life. He is my kid who can run on a few hours of sleep.

Update: He woke up on his own and now eating a popsicle and he you can tell he isn’t happy about the cast. I don’t think he is full aware of what it all means but he did cry for a second when he first woke up. My biggest concern now is him using the cast to hurt his sibling especially his baby sister. He would never do anything to hurt her on purpose but I can see him bumping her when she is on the couch. The oldest and him have been fighting a lot lately so this may get serious. I’m just glad everything was good with him going under. You never know how a person will react and I have heard stories. We are about to be released soon and he will have to be taken down in a chair. He is currently covered in the orange popsicle he is eating staring at the screen that keeps beeping at him.

Peeing in a Bottle

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Disclaimer: This is not a story about me peeing in a bottle but that would have been interesting, right!?

There are those moments in life where you have no control and you have to accept what is going to come because there is NOTHING you can do about it. This ended up not being the case but it was pretty close. We were on a four hour trip to visit family and within the first hour of our trip our oldest and only potty trained child needed to go to the bathroom. I was hoping we could make it to the two hour mark because there is a rest stop right at that time. We stopped and took care of everyone, we were determine to make the last three hours of the trip without stopping (so I hoped).

We hit the 3 hour mark and we just got to a portion of the trip where we had to slow down from 70MPH to 45MPH and we were in the downtown area of small city. When our oldest informs us he needs to go to the bathroom. The thing is with him he waits until it’s pretty much an emergency which does not give us much time to react. I have had to pull over on the side of the road too many times to have him pee. One time I was pulled into the parking lot of a gas station, got him out, and had him pee by a tree near the parking spot. I knew he wouldn’t of made it by the time I got everyone out of the car. I guess this is one of many positive things about having a boy. Oh and another time I managed to get to a grocery store. I unbundled everyone but I could tell he wasn’t going to make it so I had him pee on the tire of our car. These are not my finest moments but it’s either that or he gets embraced that he pees himself.

I got to a point that I kept a portable potty in the car for these scenarios but I forgot it this trip because I was attempting to see if my other two would be interested in potty training. I thought having a portable one may be better than using the potty seat in the bathroom. Anyway – I did not bring the seat with us but I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. Yep! I was WRONG. We were in the left lane and beginning to get on a bridge when he informs us he needs to go to the bathroom and I could hear the urgency in his voice. I told my husband to take the next exit outside of this city area so it would be easier to get back on the highway. Little did we know that the traffic was at a complete stopped a few feet away. We had no idea what was going on but we wasn’t moving and we were not in a spot where he could get out of the car safely to pee.

I sat in the passenger seat listening to my child getting upset and at one point he started to cry. He kept saying how he didn’t want to pee himself and get his car seat wet. I was at a lost because it wasn’t safe for him to get out of the car to pee and I had nothing I could use…so I thought. I am a big believer you should have scissors in your car. I usually stock all our cars with scissors but I have not done my own car yet and here I sat thinking “WHY HAVEN’T I STOCKED THIS CAR WITH SCISSORS!?!?!” When I remember that my husband left one of his pocket knives in the door of the driver side – the van we have has a spot on the door you can store items. I keep small garbage bags but I remember seeing the knife the other day. We had ONE large plastic water bottle that my husband used for his flavored water he makes himself. He will use one bottle for an extended amount of time but there was a crisis and I had to save our son.

I thought about just having him pee into the top of the bottle but with him being so young and I have seen him pee he does NOT pay attention when he is going. I was afraid he would pee in the car and that would be another thing I would have to clean up and we would have to smell pee the rest of the trip. I am starting to see why we need to stock the car up with some random cleaning supplies – like a carpet cleaner. I quickly cut the top off the water bottle, got him out of his seat, and he peed right there in the van. We did not have an accident on him or the car – crisis averted. My other two just watched and you could see the amazement/confusion on their face. My second born asked to pee as well but he just wanted out of his seat. I dumped the pee out onto the road and put the bottle in a bag and buried it into the trash bag I had created earlier. I could still smell some pee but my nose is like a hound dog while I’m pregnant.

In that moment I was super proud of myself that I came up with a solution because before I thought about what I had I was about to cry with my son. My husband who couldn’t do anything could see the tears beginning to start. I really didn’t want him to pee himself and he didn’t want to either. I made the mistake on our trip to my Aunts in MS when I told him to pee himself because I was annoyed that we were so close and we had to STOP again. He took me literally and peed in his seat. That was the last time I ever said that to him. We didn’t move for about 30 minutes and all my husband could see was lights on a cop car. I tired to search online for any information but I wasn’t finding anything. I ended up putting a show on using my phone because the boys began to fight. My husband joked that it was the day that broke me and I put on a show while we were on a trip. We don’t give our kids things to do on a trip and we don’t provide entertainment. This was a special treat for them and I was glad I had service to play something.

Once we started to move we were trying to figure out what was the cause of the delay when we discovered that they stopped all traffic on the road to lay down two black wires across the road. These are used to check the speed and the amount of cars that use the current road. I will say that was annoying and even Pat made a comment about how they could have done that at night. I have no idea why it was ok for them to stop traffic the way they did for as long as they did but we were close to the front of the back up so it didn’t take long for us to get moving. I now need to make a list of items I need to put in our van so that if anything like this happens again I am prepared.

Do you have any crazy bathroom stories in the car?
How do you handle young kids in the car for long trips?

My grandmother kept a metal coffee can in the back of her truck for me to use on road trips. I hated using it and I hated peeing on the side of the road. I am not sure why we had to use them so often but I guess back in the day rest stop wasn’t as common as they are now.

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