M is for Moving (Mini Series – Post 4)

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

We lived in our second apartment for six years. It was smaller then our first but the stress was so much less then our first place and we were able to have two cats. We signed a lease at the best time for us because we got in so cheap that by the time we left we haven’t even broke $1000 dollars a month and we had two cats and a washer/dryer unit in our apartment that cost extra. It was a complex owned by a company and we had a much better experience. The heat was included because it was an old system and I kept the apartment nice and toasty. I feel bad for my husband now but I was so concern about how I felt that I should have care a little more about how he felt. Our roommates (we had a lot of people stay with us at this apartment – that was a crazy time and I’ll have to write about it another time) often complained but I HATED being cold. I would rather be in shorts and tank top instead of being layered up. Now we are currently living in a 120 year old farmhouse and paying a nice penny for oil. I’m layered up and find other ways to stay warm so we can keep the cost low.

In the fall of 2015 was the beginning of a lot of changes in our lives. I got my first full time ministry job but we had to move to the middle of the state but P2 pushed for me to take it and honestly it was what I wanted for years. I got the job offer because the current worship/youth pastor and I worked together at another church. My position was only part time and I was actually working full time at a daycare. The couple were buying a house so they needed someone to take over the lease of the three bedroom house. We were thrilled because we never lived in a house that didn’t have other apartments inside it. We also planned to start our family and we got pregnant with our first child in Sept. I started the job in November. I actually lived in the house by myself for a period of time before we were able to move all our stuff from our apartment. It was a 1.5 hour drive and we ended up getting a truck to move all the furniture. I would drive back as often as I could and bring a full load to the new house. We had one person that was able to help us load the truck because I was pregnant so I couldn’t help with the big stuff.

I thought it was a great experience that we were able to move over time but I have learned over the years that it actually harder because you are using more gas and you fail to learn how much stuff you actually have because it doesn’t seem as much when you do a small loads. We got our security deposit back from the apartment but it was a large amount to begin with and it also helped that because we lived there so long it was time for them to change out the carpets. Then again the amount of money we gave them for the cats over the six years we lived there they could replace the carpet a few times. We had a lot of memories in that apartment and we were the safe haven for a lot of people over those six years. I think back now and wonder how we manage it but most of the memories were good ones and I wouldn’t change that.

If you have the chance to move smaller loads over time or do one big move which one would you do?
What is the most stressful thing you deal with during a move?
What is the easiest part of moving?
Do you make an effort to help someone when they are moving?


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