Daylight Saving Time – Suck!

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When are we going to get rid of this practice? Every time this comes around I find myself wanting to move to Arizona and I just discovered Hawaii does not follow it either. Can we adopt this idea in other states as well? When I didn’t have kids it didn’t really bothered me but now that I’m a mother this whole idea SUCKS! I am currently sitting on the couch wanting to work on something but I just realized that I’m losing an hour so I should head to bed myself. I know I am not the only one who feels this way – it takes forever for us to get adjusted and for some reason it does not feel like there has been a lot of time from the fall time change to the spring time change.

Does any parents out there have any advice on how to make this easier?
Is there a way to adjust your kids before the day comes?

I am also not looking forward to arguing with my oldest about it still being daylight outside so he clearly doesn’t need to go to bed. Thankfully the end of the day my other two boys are typically tired since they aren’t napping anymore so when I tell them it’s bedtime they don’t put up a fight (most of the time).


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