Sign Language – One Card A Day

I was given a large set of sign language flash cards. I have always had an interest in sign language but never taken a class. I had a friend who took a class in collage and later on the college adopted a deaf program that was at another college that shut down. I know that learning words in only a small steps to actually speaking the language. I think the reason why I have always had an interest is not because of my slight hearing lost but when I was a child it was the one thing I taught myself on my own. My grandmother had one of those kids plastic plate mats and it had the ABC’s in sign language. I remember sitting upstairs and teaching myself the alphabet.

I have exposed my kids to a video done by Jack Hartmann on YouTube called “See It, Say It, Sign It”. I chose that video when my oldest started to show interest in reading at 3. He learned the letter sounds but he also learned the sign – just like I did. Even now my second born will tell me letters using his hand. It’s cute to watch my 2-yr-old because he tries so hard to do them but hasn’t fully gotten it at this time. It’s cute to watch him try while the song is on. Now each day we do a new word and we hang it on the wall. It’s fun because they will review them on their own and tell their dad. We are currently working on fruit words and once we complete the list I’ll put away the cards and begin a new pile.

I taught all our kids when they were babies the sign for please, thank you, more, eat, all done, and milk. I am in the process of teaching our daughter since she is only saying some sounds. Going back to Jack Hartmann if you want some other videos that teach basic sign language you should check out “Sign the Colors” and “Animal Signs”. My kids love these videos but my 3-yr-old is the one who seems to be drawn to those videos even more then the other two. He used to do the color signs but we all need a refresher.

What are small things you do daily to help your kids learn something new?
What was the first thing you remember teaching yourself as a child?
What other words do you teach your baby to help them communicate before they have words?


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