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I feel this pregnancy is DRAGGING and it this was a singleton one I would still have five weeks to go. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and if baby A is still head down then I’m scheduled for next Tuesday to be induced. I am glad to finally have an end at sight but now I am having all these feeling. I know I can’t be the only mother who has this sense of guilt for adding more kids to the family. I feel everytime we go to add a kid and in this case two; I am messing up the routine we finally have in place. Y is finally sleeping through the night, the boys have a set bedtime, and we get them up by a certain time in the morning. I am not getting sleep due to the babies but if I wasn’t pregnant we would be in a set routine. I have a system in place when we go out and when we do everyday life. In one week if I can’t get myself to go before then we will be changing EVERYTHING (again)!

I remember when I found out I was expecting twins I was nervous because I knew the end would be so different from my other pregnancies and that made me sad on one level. I also was fearful something would go wrong because I was told that mono/di twins could come with a lot of risk. Then there was a fear I would lose one of them because that is a thing. When we were trying to decide if we wanted to try for a fifth I kept feeling like someone was missing in our family and I kept seeing five kids. Then I found out we would have six instead of five but I didn’t sense six kids. I know that sounds crazy and it was a little foolish but it crossed my mind. We haven’t gotten another car so then there is a fear that something is going to happen and we won’t need another car. My best friend actually put me in my place earlier in my pregnancy because of my doom and gloom thoughts. I think there is still a small part of me that is fearful and I haven’t allowed myself to get REALLY excited about having twins.

The Lord knew I have wanted twins since we started to try for a baby (back in 2015) but having them on top of having four young kids was not apart of our plan – then again nothing that we are facing right now has been apart of our plan. The kids seems to be excited about the new additions but the only one who truly understands is my oldest and he is sort of used to it by now. My soon to be one year old LOVES her big brothers but I don’t know how she will handle having two younger brothers but my second born was around the same age when our third came and he didn’t seem to mind, nor care that we had another child in the mix. The boys enjoyed having their sister and I haven’t really seen any jealousy but my second born wanted to hold her and do stuff with her so that got challenging.

My husband told me I was worrying to much and was repeating myself which annoyed me because I didn’t think I was openly expressing how I felt. Then again I know a lot of people believe if you mention anything then clearly you are worried about it. I remember having a conversation with a friend in college and I was like just because I mention it doesn’t mean I’m worried. I’m just trying to have a conversation about whatever it was at the time. I still have things I would like to have done before these babies get here so I need to sit down and work on a “To-Do” list and start doing it just in case I do go into labor before Tuesday. We have family coming on Friday evening so I need to get stuff ready for them. My mom is helping out with the kids while we go to the hospital which is a pretty big deal but it’s also causing some stress. I am filled with so much emotions and thoughts right now. I just need to not let myself start to freak out and get what I can done.

34 Weeks Update

I haven’t had an ultrasound for a while but I have had two stress test each week. The boys are doing great according to the nurse everytime she reads the results for the stress test. I am so ready for them to come out. The weight of my stomach is starting to take a toll on my knees. I am noticing discomfort when I get up from sitting so that’s been fun. The way the boys are laying can take a toll on certain bones when I’m sleeping. I have to shift my weight often and my circulation is so bad. I will write in the morning before I start my day and I have to stop to get some flow back into my hand.

This coming week I will finally have another ultrasound and I’m hoping that Baby A hasn’t flipped. Since my last ultrasound I woke up to pain because of the position one of the babies was in and it took me getting up and moving for him to shift and stop hurting. As long as he is head down we will be having these babies in about 11 days. I am really hoping I can kick my body into labor before the 31st. I started to eat dates a few days ago and now I have to hide them because my second born wants to eat them. I watched a video and read how they can help get you ready for birth, cut time down during delivery, and help with recovering from birth. I am not looking forward to the cramping after having these babies.

Laying on my back is really hard on my body so I’m wondering how delivering these babies is going to be since I can barely breath when I end up on my back. I still have a few things I need to do before the twins come and if I don’t get to it it’s not that big of a deal. I am just dragging my feet but since I haven’t had any signs of labor starting or even braxton hicks I am not in a hurry. I keep reminding my husband that if we go into labor before Memorial Day weekend I will be giving birth to the babies by myself at the hospital. I don’t want that but at this point it would be fine – I am getting used to having to do things on my own. Anyway – these babies will be here soon and it’s going to be so weird but exciting to have two babies instead of one.


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I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin – I am getting so antsy and bored. It’s a waiting game and I find the older I get the hard it is for me to just wait. A person can only keep cleaning up the same thing over and again before screaming at the top of their lungs. I finally had to put my phone away because I was wasting so much time doing nothing. The kids toys have been downsized to help with the messes but it’s amazing how they still manage to dump EVERYTHING out. I really would like to understand the mindset of a two-year-old. It’s like he can’t function in our house unless he leaves a huge messes throughout the house.

My husband has to work because we are trying so hard to get to a place where we don’t have to stress out about working and paying stuff off. He is ADHD so he can’t just work on something for a certain amount of time and stop to do something else. I can jump from one thing and go back to it and pick it up right away. I can stop get the kids a snack and then go back to reading a book. I can stop to write a quick post for my blog and then go make dinner. I can transition to the next thing with limited amount of frustration. I am starting my weekly appointments which means I have to travel 45 minutes twice in a week to go see the MFM. Today visit was fine and babies are doing well. I am concerned that Baby A flipped because I woke up the other night in so much pain due the position he was in.

I want to be doing something but it’s so hard – I find doing the everyday things is hard to do because it’s not very rewarding. I guess apart of my personality is beginning to show itself – I have found myself needing to be praise in some way for what I am doing. I don’t get that in my own home because kids don’t care – then again my 5-year-old did tell me I did a good job cleaning up the dining room a month ago. I don’t want to be the person who needs someone to acknowledge what they have done throughout the day. Keeping the floor clean and washing the dishes everyday is not something praise someone because it’s an expectation. Keeping your home clean is a normal day to day thing and if you don’t you are considered a dirty person and you are welcoming unwelcome guest in your home such as ants and cockroaches.

I want to be doing something – I want to be helping – I want to be able to do the normal day to day thing without feeling so drained by the end of the day. I want to grow in my knowledge in multiple areas, I want to have a healthy and positive relationship with my husband, I want my children to thrive and be functional humans, and I want to stop living in a state of “waiting”. I am tired of waiting for the next thing – a larger car, the babies being born, my husband deployment, moving (not knowing where or when), waiting to find a church, waiting to find friends and so much more. I need something and I’m trying to figure it out.

Sidenote: My finger hurt because they are so swollen and it’s making me crazy. Twin pregnancy is no joke and anyone who gives a person a hard time needs to be smacked. I can’t stand reading about how people treat a pregnant woman, especially one carrying multiples.

32 Weeks + Update

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I feel pretty tired over all. I am starting to get stretch marks which I have a had four other kids and no stretch marks. I am officially the biggest I have ever been but this make sense because I now have two 3LBS 12OZ babies with all the other stuff that is included when pregnant. The babies are doing well and it was confirmed that three ultrasound ago they mixed up the babies locations and we fixed it for the charts. Fluids look good and I haven’t had any signs of early labor. Warning: TMI – I am starting to lose my operculum but it was a few days ago and I haven’t seen any signs since which it normal. I started to lose mine with my fourth a month before I went into labor. I didn’t truly understand the full concept of losing the operculum until I was in active labor with my second child when I realized what I was seeing for a week was my body getting ready to go into labor. I get it that it’s not always a sign but for me it’s the beginning of the end.

I still don’t feel fully ready for these twins and we are hoping that I can keep them in until the end of May because we will have help with the other kids. I am slowly getting the house into a place that I can manage it with little effort. I am truly physically ready to have these babies but in other ways not so much. We have come to term we won’t have a biggest enough vehicle when we have the babies and we will make it work until September. Baby A has a lot of hair which doesn’t surprise me because all my babies came out with hair. They are always moving around like crazy and Baby B is still breech but Baby A is where he needs to be so I will continue down the path of vaginal birth with no epidural. This has been an interesting experience. I am hoping to get a few more things before they get here but over all we are ready. Then again I feel I am forgetting something major.

31 Weeks + Real Moments (Low moments)

I am so disappointed in myself because I am not handling being 31 weeks pregnant very well and I don’t like it. Overall I am feeling pretty good for being as far along as I am with twins. I am still able to walk and do stuff – it may take me awhile but I am not on bed rest or couch rest (I just heard this from another mom to be). I am a doer and I can’t do as much as I like and it’s making me crazy. I feel like I am failing my kids daily and my husband tries to tell me that is not the case. I am also dealing with a lot of emotions on top of being hormonal and feeling unprepared for the twins. I don’t have my hospital bag packed – we don’t have a lot of luggage and the one bag we have may not be usable since the apartment my husband lived in smelled like weed because of the other tenants. He had to get rid of 80% of the stuff he had in that apartment due to the smell and other things.

I have been looking at bags but I wanted one that is hard, has wheels, and zips up. I don’t want to pay close to $100 dollars for a bag that may only be used once or twice. I have always done a small bag that I don’t even think I have anymore but this time I am making sure I have enough snacks to get me through my time in the hospital. The stay for my daughter was the hardest for me and mostly because I was hungry most of the time. I don’t know if I have just been lucky in the other two hospitals I had my boys in or if due to COVID the hospital food was the worse. They didn’t give you any options and most of the food I didn’t eat. I was hungry pretty much the whole time I was in the hospital. I also was alone for most of the time which didn’t help. I have no idea what to expect with the place I’m delivery at and not sure how to find out. I have to much stuff and I’m angry that I didn’t get taken care before I got this far along. I am about to pack everything up in the play room and just let the boys have the few toys they play with on a regular basis. Which makes me angry because I want them to have more choices but I just can’t right now.

I can’t really move stuff and that is hard because if I don’t do it – it often takes a long time to get to where it needs to go. It’s been a week since we have gotten our new couch and the twin mattress is still in the dining room area. I haven’t done any form of lessons with the kids and it’s making me feel sad and a failure. Then today I was having back spasms and I had this happen with my daughter pregnancy and I didn’t have her for weeks afterward. I also know that I most likely did to much yesterday but I needed ONE AREA clean and I cleared out the van. I vacuumed, I cleaned out the glove box, and the drawer that allows you to store things under the passenger seat. The feeling of being unloved, unwanted, and ugly has been a struggle for a long time and now it’s just worse with all the hormones. I need physical touch and since I have only been ok with physical touch by a partner it’s not like I can get that anywhere. My husband is around but he has to work and he is trying to figure out more ways to bring in more money so we can get out of the crushing debt we have due to a lot of things but mostly school loans (don’t get me started on that).

I am on my phone 90% of the day and I HATE myself for it. I am feeling so overwhelmed and lonely that I use it to distract me. I play one flash game, listen to audiobooks, scroll Facebook/Instagram, watch random videos on those platforms, and listen to videos on YouTube. I feel so far away from what I believe and I don’t know how to stop feeling this way. I am still processing through stuff that I should of been processing over the last few years. I find myself just crying over things that I wish I was over already. Then there all the things I have to process that has nothing to do with me. A phone call from someone to inform me about someone and being left to wonder why in the world I was told about that but couldn’t be told about health issues and a hospital stay. Wondering if I am being set up because they assumed stuff but instead of asking me they play games. Finding out about a passing of someone who I haven’t talked to in years but then finding out the real cause makes me have even more questions but they will never be answered.

I am so tired of battling with my younger two boys over their diapers, eating, and behavior overall. I am tired of being judge because I haven’t potty trained my 3-year-old but there is nothing that motivates him. He doesn’t like stickers, he doesn’t have a toy he wants, and I know as his mother when he is ready it will be simple but I have no idea when he will be ready. He pees and poops so much that I fear he will live in the bathroom. I also know that he would be the type to just pee and poop on the floor if I try to do the naked way. It’s like a game for him and if I could I would pay someone to potty train my kids. My oldest is fighting going to the bathroom again and it’s making him cranky. He is fighting with his brothers and back talking all the time. He loses the things he enjoys but he still continues. All he wants to do is watch TV all day and that is another thing I’m beating myself up over. I am so tired all the time I let the TV be on more than it should. They are getting bored with it and the younger two boys want to be with me ALL the time. I can’t make dinner without them and it’s hard because once we get to a certain point they can’t help anymore and they don’t understand.

We need a bigger vehicle but that isn’t going to happen and I want to be settled in a permanent home and that isn’t going to happen. I am in survival mode and I am tired of living in this state. I am tired of not having friends, having a church, having kids around for my kids to play with, being told that no matter what I do our kids are going to feel a certain way about me (one reason I was leaning towards not having kids was because I didn’t understand why I wanted to have more people who are going to get to a point of not liking me – I didn’t have a good relationships with my parents and I didn’t want that to happen to me. I honestly believed that it could be different but I have been reminded often how that is most likely not going to be the case), I want a village but that may never happen, I am scared to leave my kids with people, and I have a hard time asking for help (mostly because when I do – I am often let down). I hate when people tell me “Let me know what I can do to help.” How about you just do something instead of waiting for me to ask because when I finally do – I am met with why they can’t help in that way.

Anyway – sorry for the long, emotional post but this is where I am at this time in my life. Every room is a mess and I will most likely do what I need to do and go to bed. I will wake up at 4 to get into the room with the toys and start to pack everything up. I’m not joking – I can’t handle it anymore. I know there will be a day I can sit down and sort but until then it’s all going into storage. Bring on the judgement by the people in my life and I know I have an issues because it’s me with the toy problem not my kids. It’s my issue that I have to work through because I have this ideal of what I want to provide for my kids but I haven’t been able to achieve it yet. I need to let go of this idea and be realistic. We will all be happier if I can get to a place of letting go. I was told by an adult in my life that I always got what I wanted which I knew was not true because I had a best friend who got everything she wanted. I may of gotten more than their two kids but most of the time it was not what I actually wanted.

Lord help me get to day of delivering these boys and each day afterward. Which I know has its own challenges.

30 Weeks Pregnant + Update

It’s official I am finally in the 30 weeks zone and to be honest this whole experience is going to be challenging. I am tired all the time. I was sleeping pretty hard there for a week or so but now I’m achy and waking almost every hour again. Thank God for the body pillow which I never thought I would be the type of person who would ever say that. My sinuses are stuffy all the time so if I want to give one side a break I have to lay on my right side, even thought I prefer to sleep on my left. I sleep with my mouth open so every time I wake I have to drink water. I am now waking and having to use the bathroom EVERY TIME I wake up. Thank God we have a 1/2 bath on the same floor so I don’t have to walk up the stairs every time I need to go to the bathroom. I am concern to drive anywhere because I have almost fallen asleep at the wheel on a few occasions. I could be sitting up on the couch with my kids and just pass out.

I can’t breath all the time – even when I’m sitting and talking on the phone. It sounds like I just took a run. If I get up to go into another room I have to sit right down which means everything takes longer. I am getting lightheaded more often – even when I’m sitting in the same spot. I still have my belly band that I wear but due to the belly getting bigger it gets itchy after awhile. I am still waiting for the other band I brought just in case I have to have a c-section. EVERYTHING is swollen and I don’t feel like a normal woman anymore. My legs are so gross looking and the other day I was putting on a dress and I had a tank top on. My oldest son got all concern and asked what happened to my legs. I usually have them hidden away. I do not feel attractive at all but then again I haven’t felt that way for a long time so this isn’t anything new.

I have no desire to drink coffee in the morning which is making me a little cranky throughout the day. Eating has become a thing because I don’t want to really eat. When I do a lot of the times I feel nauseous. Then if I do eat without feeling sick I am so stuffed that I’m uncomfortable. I know my body is thinning out because the twins are taking resources that I had in reserved before getting pregnant with them. I honestly don’t care if people make comments to me in the store – overall people are not rude about it. They are just trying to make conversation. I look like I’m ready to pop at any moment and to be honest I agree because I look like I’m closer to 40 weeks then 30. I am trying to imagine my body getting any bigger and it’s kind of concerning. I know my body can and will do it. I know that I will never be the same and there is a good chance if I ever want the extra skin to go away I am going to have to have surgery.

I have always wanted twins and now we are having them. I know we are so blessed with the family we have and that I have been able to have all my kids with no complications. I love my kids so much and I’m so glad I am able to be with them all the time. As I type this up I can see my belly just moving all over the place. I had my latest ultrasound yesterday and one the babies in breech – which makes me sad. I know there is still time but I just wish he would stay down. The baby that is closer to my bladder is head down but my doctors have not talked to me about any birth plans at this time. Everything looks good so there is no concern at this time. Starting in two weeks I will be going to the MFM twice a week – which is going to make my husband “happy”. We do not feel like we are ready for these boys. All the unknowns are getting to me. I haven’t had any cramps or anything but there has been a few times I felt maybe my lower half feels achy but I don’t know if it’s a sign or just me doing to much. I have been trying to sit as often as I can but it’s making me stir crazy.

The TV is on all the time and my kids are acting like crazy little people. I know they are feeding off me and they have to know things are about to change. All I want to do is provide a safe, loving, and an educational environment. I feel like I’m FAILING them everyday. I want to be reading, doing activities with them but due to me being cranky and short I would rather them be watching TV then be near me. Our oldest is having issues again with going to the bathroom so that is making him cranky. He is instigating all the time. He is teaching his brothers to do stupid stuff and I feel like I need to start holding him responsible for their behavior. Our daughter is 10 months old and she isn’t doing anything but rolling over. My husband wanted to hold off on services but now he wants me to reach out to get that ball rolling. Our older two had to have them so we aren’t surprised – but after three kids I am feeling a certain way about it.

I could go on and on about how I’m feeling and maybe I’ll write another post but I’m not sure what the next six weeks will be like and I’m trying to not stress. I warn my best friend that I will be in survival mode so I may not be around much. There is a part of me that wants to shut down and push everyone out. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I have so many emotions I’m trying work through, deal with the limitation of being pregnant, and making sure my kids are safe/healthy. I’m nervous about delivery because even if I do get what I want it’s going to be a lot hard due to my size and them having to keep me hooked up on the monitors. I have never had a male doctor before and I’m afraid if I have one he is going to push stuff because he feels a certain way. I don’t think I have seen a female doctor since I started seeing the MFM and that is now causing me stress. I am so stuck in my head these days and I got to figure out a way to deal with it before I make myself crazy.

Twins Update – 28 weeks

I had an updated ultrasound for the boys and it was a positive one. The doctor didn’t even come into the room because I had no questions. The only thing is I think the women who did the scans had them mixed up. I am going to confirm this when I talk to them next week. If she did not then I am completely clueless when it comes to which baby is located in each spot. We got to see the hair on one of the babies and I thought that was really cool. All my kids have been born with hair so it didn’t surprise me. I just never seen it on an ultrasound. They were both head down and next to each other. They are in their own sack so they aren’t really touching one another but it looks like they are at times. I thought I saw one of them sucking their thumb on the screen.

According to the technician Baby A is 2LBS 5oz and Baby B is 2LBS 8oz – but I don’t know if she was labeling them correctly. The baby that is laying on top of the other baby has flipped himself so I am feeling him more often. I have been watching my belly move in a few areas and it’s kind of cool to watch. We could have these boys in seven weeks if not sooner. We still need another car and a few odds and ends. I am still trying to get this place in order and our future is still up in the air with no real plan. I’m used to this at this point but it doesn’t make it any easier. I am looking forward to meeting JC and JD (not their full names) and see if they truly do look alike and how similar they look to their sibling.

Belly Photo – 28 Weeks

I already look like I’m about to pop. I am as big as I was toward the end of my other pregnancies. I have at least 8 more weeks so needless to say I’m only going to get bigger. I have a handful of people telling me I look good pregnant. One lady told me I look beautiful for being on my 5th and 6th child. I took the compliment but I know what has changed on my face since I started to have kids so it’s hard for me to see beauty. My husband told me I look very pregnant at this point but not fat. This was nice to hear because for a good portion of the beginning of my pregnancy I felt I was just fat and not much of it was the babies. My face has thinned out some and now I want to eat all the time. I guess that is normals since I have two extra sources taking from what I have on my body.

Right now I am still able to move around without to much help. Getting up sometimes take me a few more seconds. I am starting to take breaks while going up the stairs and I find sleeping has been a little better. I managed to get me a piece of foam and a body pillow. I have never been the type of person who uses a body pillow. I woke up a few times with my blankets scrunch up in between my legs. I guess my body was telling me it was time for a pillow. I was able to find one for cheap because I had no idea if I would actually take to it. I am waking up on my back when I do wake up. I am nervous about what I’m going to feel like in a few weeks. I still have a million things I need to do before these babies get here so I can’t drag my feet.

I hope to take a picture each week from here on out. I know I will want to see this later down the road despite how I may feel at this time. The boys are active and I often watch my stomach move in random spots. I am looking forward to meeting these two little guys.

Reading Challenge Book 8 – Love Without Borders

2022 GoodRead Challenge – Book 8 of 50

Love Without Borders – written by Angela Braniff. When I found out I was expecting twins I was feeling overwhelmed that I was going to have six kids. I started to look for other families who have multiple kids. I came across a vlog titled The Gathered Nest. I began to watch some of her videos and I enjoyed listening to her and seeing her family. It took me a while before I subscribed to both her channels. YouTube will suggest you to watch older videos of people you subscribe too and I started to watch older videos. I began to watch her homeschooling videos because I officially have to register our son in the fall and I like hearing other people stories. She suggests different resources she has used over the years. It didn’t take long to see videos of her talking about writing a book. I did not watch the videos in order so I would see one video from 4 years ago and another video that was only 9 months old.

The more I watched her videos and listen to the stories of how her family came together I wanted to read her book. I couldn’t find it on Libby and I knew getting a paper copy would mean it would sit on my shelf for awhile. I finally got it on Audible and listened to it in one day. I typically listen to audiobooks with a higher speed but with books like these I typically keep them at normal speed. Angela the author also did the voice for the audio. I enjoy listening to her when I am cleaning and doing stuff around the house it was easy to listen to her tell her story. She is a woman of great faith and I believe she is only a year older then me and our birthday is a day apart. I know that when we share our lives on social media we can show what we we want about ourselves. I really like her and there are things she says and does that makes me think of me. I shared in another post that I have found inspiration thought watching vloggers on YouTube. She is a big one at this time in my life.

The book is her sharing her story about how her family became a family. You learn more details about the journey. It is inspiring and if you are family who have adopted or considering adopting I would say check her book out. I like how they had different types of adoptions. I have known a handful of people who have adopted and once upon a time I thought I wanted to adopt. I later discovered I like the idea of adopting but I personally do not believe that is apart of our story. I am not saying never but what I do know that God would have to do some moving to make everyone in our home open to the idea. I also have learned about embryo adoption. I did not know that was a thing until I heard her story about the twins. I am currently pregnant with twins so of course I am curious about her journey. She posted videos of the girls and how everything was going in the first year of their life. I am currently watching them because any advice or suggestion is going to be helpful. I am personally struggling in general with my walk but hearing her talk about how God is in the details has been a reminder of all the times God has done the same thing in my life. I am thankful she has taken the time to share because she has been helpful for me in this seasons of life.

Twins Update – 3 Appointments

I have been trying to keep these update recent but I was not in the best frame of mind last week to post an update. I think partly because I like to add a picture of the updated ultrasound and I kept forgetting to take a picture of them. I had my normal two weeks ultrasound last week and I left confused and a little worried. The doctor decided to move my growth ultrasound up a week which was this week. He kept telling me that they were measuring small especially baby A. The thing was they didn’t confirm it was TTTS (Twins Transfusion Syndrome) but I did not understand why they kept saying baby A was measuring small since he was only one oz smaller then baby B. When I asked him to clarify why he kept saying baby A was smaller he started to explain TTTS and it took everything inside me to not cut him off. All he ended up saying was that you would be surprise how one oz can make a different and that there are times where the placenta just can’t keep up. I was upset for a few days over this and felt that they did not do a very good job explaining anything.

Now fast forward to Monday when I thought I had scheduled my second 3 hour sugar test but first I met with my OB. She ended up trying to explain to me what she thought the doctor was trying to tell me and why they moved up the appointment. The babies were in the 11th percentile which is low normal but that was not told to me. They had some concern but it was not enough to confirm anything. I felt better once talking to my OB but still annoyed that I was left to feel a certain way. Come to find out I was not scheduled for my 3 hour test but they let me do it anyway. I passed which I had a feeling I would pass because I think the only reason why I failed my 1 hour is because I didn’t eat before I went and I had my appointment first thing in the morning. I didn’t not have a crash this time because I had snacks in the car. I am also not anemic which seems to make everyone happy because typically women with twins are anemic by this point.

Now on Wednesday I had my growth ultrasound and everything looked great. The doctor was very pleased because baby A was now in the 35th percentile and baby B was in the 25th percentile. Baby A was 1lb 15oz and baby b was 1lb 14oz. Fluids looks great and they are sharing nicely. Baby B is laying on top of baby A who is head down and where he needs to be for delivery. Hopefully he will stay that way so I can have a vaginal birth. Baby B is a ball and if you look at the picture you can see I drew an arrow. I sent this picture to my best friend and wrote on it. I had to crop it to get rid of any personal information. That is his leg – which explains why I don’t feel him as much as I feel baby A. I am feeling a lot better and I don’t go back for two weeks. I am getting bigger and it’s harder to a lot of things but I’m continuing to pray for God’s protection. I am hoping I can have these two naturally and I am hoping they will come on their own once we get past 34 weeks. It’s hard to believe but we should these little guys joining us in 10 weeks.

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