Birthday Party (Mini Series 5 (2.0) – Dinosaurs Party)

Welcome to the fifth(ish) post of the birthday party series I am putting together. I love throwing my kids a party. The thing I failed to think about when I had my kids was having them all in the summer months means having separate parties would be harder due to family members being located in multiple locations. Reality is they can’t come up each month for a new party so we have to combine the parties. You will see once we added to our family we started to combine the parties and each kid got their own theme. A new post will be added every Saturday to share all the kids parties.

I posted a pre-party for my five year old because we spent his actual birthday in MS with my aunt who order him a birthday cake. This was his actual party and we decided to throw a party just for him this time around because turning 5 is a big deal. We got back to VA midweek and my mother and stepdad came down that weekend so they could celebrate their first grandchild 5th birthday. This was the first year I allowed him to choose his birthday party theme. I typically pick something that the children are showing a lot of interested in for their theme. They are so young they do not care what the theme is as long as there is cake and presents.

This year I order most of the decoration from Party City and my mom brought a couple with her. My mother-in-law made the cake by my sons request. I showed him multiple cakes ideas on Pinterest and this was the one he settled on. I think he liked the idea of having multiple small dinosaurs he could keep afterward. Don’t let that kid fool you he has a 100’s different sizes of dinosaurs. He tries to convince me he always needs more.

Side story: Walmart carries these Adventure Force Bucket Play Sets. They have two sizes and P3 has been given the larger bucket four different times. I got rid of the first set and then he got a second one from a family members. I finally got rid of that one and someone else got him a new bucket. I got ride of it again and he was given yet another bucket. I have given up and we still have the last bucket.

We kept the food very simple because we just got back from a two day travel from MS and I just gave birth to our daughter three weeks prior. I did make a dino head out of the watermelon. We actually had some kids at this party which was nice because it’s been a long time since we had any kids at one of the boys parties. My mother-in-law set up the kid inflatable pool but I didn’t take a picture of it so that kept the kids busy and we had to move inside for the presents and cake thanks to rain.

I am not super talented but I am creative and it took me years to finally make the connection that I get my creative side from my mom. When I told her about the theme of the party she surprised me with a homemade piƱata. Due to a shoulder injury she was out of work for an extended period of time so she got busy working on this for P3’s party. She filled it with candy for the kids and she set up another candy bar. Oh and we had bags for favors but I didn’t take any pictures. We got a text from one of the father’s that attended and he told my husband the bags were legit. My mother really knows how to out do herself in that area when it comes to the parties. I personally like having favors but I don’t like favors that are junk and things that parents will just throw away – after they curse you in their head.

I’m thankful for my mom and mother-in-law for this party because I really didn’t have it in me to do a lot. Birthday parties mean a lot to me and despite how I felt about my childhood I will say that I always had a birthday party at the end of the summer before I headed back to my mom’s house. I want my kids to have a special time for their birthdays. I don’t remember getting a choice for my cake so I think that is why I am going to make sure I let the kids chose their cake once they are old enough.

My next blog post will be the last one I post for a while for this series. The next birthday party with be my daughters 1st birthday and she will be getting her own party. It will be interesting because I will have had the twins around that time as well. I need to get started on the decorations because I know the closer it gets to her birthday I may be a little distracted.

Birthday Party (Mini Series 2 – Book Party)

Welcome to the second post of the birthday party series I am putting together. I love throwing my kids a party. The thing I failed to think about when I had my kids was having them all in the summer months means having separate parties would be harder due to family members being located in multiple locations. Reality is they can’t come up each month for a new party so we have to combine the parties. You will see once we added to our family we started to combine the parties and each kid got their own theme. A new post will be added every Saturday to share all the kids parties.

This has to be one of my favorite parties I put together for one of my kids. Books are a staple in our home and we have TONS of books. I think my favorite part was the food that was based off a book. You can see in the pictures we had a variety of food and we displayed the book that was used for inspiration. I’ll list below the list of books and the food associated with it. We used board books as center pieces and my mother put together a candy bar for the favor table. Unfortunately, this party did not have very many guest and I think there was only one maybe two kids that showed up.

Food List:
Milk and Cheese Book – Cheese and Cracker Tray
The Cat in the Hat – Cheese and Grape Tomatoes Skewers
Green Eggs and Ham – Deviled Eggs with green filling and ham sandwiches
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Fruit Tray
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – Fish crackers in a fish bowl
Hop on Pop – Popcorn
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Meatballs
Hola Jalapeno – Chips and Salsa
Little People Let’s Go To The Farm – Veggie Tray
Little Blue Truck – Wheel Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs and Peas – Hotdogs

My mother used cardboards to make the fruit from The Very Hungry Caterpillar book to have a tossing game for the kids. She also put together a candy bar as favors.

I created a puppet stage for the party and we still have it today.

The cake table had multiple books used to display the cupcakes and we used a cake stand for the Wegman’s cake.

I made the birthday banner by using pages from an old book. I cut out the letters on the Cricut using pages from a book and glued together multiple pages for the back of the banner.

This was my favorite theme I have put together over the last five years.

30th Birthday Party

I love throwing parties for the people in my life and I asked the people in my life to throw my 30th birthday party because I felt it wasn’t to much to ask since I have done so many for other people. Now I don’t say this in a negative way but I realized the closer it got to my birthday that it was not going to happen unless I did it myself. I put together this party pretty quickly.

When my best friend got married she discovered it would be cheaper for her to buy the table cloths then it would be to rent them. I ended up buying them from her which is why I had the cream color cloths. I ended up donating them after multiple moves but throwing parties was not happening as often and I needed to downsize. As I look over the pictures because it’s been 6 years since I had this party I laugh to myself because I was never a gold fan but I have learned to like it over the years.

I sprayed painted a bunch of clothes pins which I think I had leftover from my best friend wedding. I put together a photo wall and the blue frames I used for my jewelry later on. During this time of my life I held on to everything from all the parties I put together so it was easy to put this together at the last minute. I sprayed painted a few frames I got from the local thrift store and got silverware, napkins, and plates that went along with the color theme. The center pieces was pictures of me over the years. I love pictures and I put together a photo board. I tired to do what I would do for other people but knowing me I would have done a lot more if I had time.

I even made homemade cookies and added them to gold tins. I gave them as favors because I like providing favors for parties. I don’t remember what I made but I also made the food for the party. I am pretty sure it was everything I loved like stuffed mushrooms and homemade Mac and cheese. I hope one day I’ll be back in a place where I can throw parties like these again and have more people then I have had over the years.

The one thing I did not have to do was the cake which this was the party that introduce me to Wegman cakes and that is when I stopped making cakes. I also asked for an ice cream cake made out of lactose free ice cream. My best friend was the one who stepped up because I shared with her how I felt about no one stepping up to throw my party. She started to help towards the end and I think the only reason why I had anything outside of what I did was because of her. I did not originally ask her to do the party I asked two other people who I learned quickly was not comfortable with planning a party. Instead of coming out and telling me, they waited until I took over. The thing was I gave them a year to plan it and kept reminding them but it worked out in the end. If I had to do it over I would have been more sensitive to the fact that throwing parties isn’t everyone cup of tea and I should have asked other people who I know would have enjoyed it. Even though I did tell them that if they wasn’t sure what to do to ask other people to help.

30th Birthday Party – Video Games

When my husband turned 30 I threw him a surprise birthday party. I had so much fun putting together this party. Throughout his life he played multiple video games. If you are familiar with video games you may recognize a few of the decorations.

Video Games Decorations:

Fuse Beads Designs:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy

When my husband was in his finally phase for OCS (officer school for the Army) I was home for two weeks waiting for the semester to start. I also ended up out of commission due to a tooth infection so I sat on the couch working on the fuse beads. This of course was before we got pregnant with our first child. I planned to add magnets to the back so we could use them on the fridge but I never did that. I am not even sure if we have them at this point – they may be in a keepsake box or I got rid of them.

I created the achievements signs using the idea of the old Xbox design – this was done about five years ago. I think this design was my favorite thing for his party. I used the Cricut to cut out the shapes, the trophy, and the letters. I glued it onto a poster board and cut it out. I used yard sale sticks from Walmart to display them over the yard.

I used the Cricut to make the hearts for one of the banners. I did not have a template but just measured out the squares and cut them out on the Cricut. I had to glue it all together – this took a good amount of time.

I used white balloons to create the ghost from Mario and I hung purple streamers on the sliding door to create a Nether Portal. I printed out the Xbox logo and added it to the bins that held cups, plates, and silverware.

I planned all the food to go with the theme:
Fire Flower: Veggie Tray
Piranha Plants: Fruit Sticks
Mana and Health Juice: Kool-Aid Drinks
Fallout Deviled Eggs: Deviled Eggs
Halo: Reach Hamburger: Hamburgers
Skyrim Chicken: Chicken Breast
Ravager Dogs (WOW): Hot Dogs
Portal Cake: Chocolate Cake

My favorite food item I got was the cake. I picked up a store brought cake and added items to make it look like the cake from Portal. I added the chocolate shaving, the whip cream, and the cherries. I’m pretty sure we had ice cream but I don’t think I had a clever name so there is no picture.

I LOVE putting together a themed party and I have done it a lot over the years. I will post other parties over time but this was a lot of fun putting together.

What was your favorite birthday party?
Have you had a favorite themed party?
What kind of parties did you have as a child?
As an adult what kind of birthday party would you throw if you could?

Free Books!

Party Win!

A few weeks ago I participated in an online book event through Usborne. It was a mega party give away – the large group was giving away $150 dollars in book scholarship for two winners and two $50 dollars book scholarship. This is the second party I participated and won free books. I’ll post another post with the pictures from that hall. I LOVE books and I love providing LOTS of books for my kids. I created this short video of opening the box of free books. I got to chose which books I wanted and I tired to pick out titles that my kids would enjoy now. I am so excited to share them with my kids.

If you have never participated in an Usborne party you may not know that to win a prize you have to participate in a variety of ways. Now the downsize is if you don’t do a few of the big participation to get larger amount of points you may not get enough to win the prize. I decided I wanted those free books so I did everything to get ALL the points. I participated in a party over the summer and won another set of free books worth $100. The only thing I didn’t do in that party was become a consultant. I am now once again a Usborne consultant. I signed up June 2020 but did nothing with it because our world came crashing down around us and I went into survival mode. I wasn’t even in a place where I could take advantage of the discount you can get without actually participating in the business.

I just hosted another party and managed to get some sales and I’m about to get some more books through the party. I’m not going to go into details to how that all works. The books can seem pretty pricey over all but there are a lot of books you can’t really find in the stores. Trust me I buy my kids books ALL the time. I rarely come across a lot of the interactive books that Usborne offers. I could take time to share which books are my kids favorites but I’ll saved that for another post. Hosting a party really isn’t hard and can be fun if people understand how they work. One thing I did with this last party was I made sure to go through ALL THE POST and responded in some way. Overall it didn’t take me long to participate and rack up the points. I did the same thing for the summer party and won the grand prize.

Now the biggest downsize I have found is that I can’t leave most of the books out for the kids to look through without supervising. My kids are still pretty young so they don’t understand that if they ripe off the tap it ruins the book. I have a lot of great plans for these books and I already have a handful of more books I plan to get soon.

If you have brought books from Usborne what are a few of your favorites? I’m not sure when another party will launch for a large amount of free books but I do know there are benefits of hosting a party because you do receive some bonuses if you reach a certain amount of sales. Honestly it’s not hard to do even if a handful of people buy one book.

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