Inventory for Children’s Clothes/Shoes

When we were visiting with family I took three bins of my daughters clothes. The first bin was all Newborn and 0-3 months clothes, the second bin was 3 months and 3-6 months clothes, and the third bin was 6 months and 6-9 months. I went through all the clothes and posted them on the Marketplace. I listed each type of items I had for each size. I had mix feeling about doing this but I know it’s not wise to keep ahold of her clothes when I am honestly hoping to be done after the twins. I have been holding onto the boys clothes for almost six years and have gotten a lot of used out of them. I now have to go through all the bins and see what I have and what I need for the extra boy.

Today I finally went through all the boys shoes and packed them up in a bigger bin. I honestly had no idea how many shoes I had of each sizes due to us being in two different locations last year. Now as I go through them there are a few pairs that needed to be retired. I have always been pretty organized with my kids clothes and I’m pretty sure I shared about them in another blog. I just don’t know the number of each items. We got dumped on today and I have a bin in the car from our trip that had a lot of my Newborn items in it because when I was pregnant with my daughter my mom pulled out gender neutral items so I finally got them back. The thing is I can’t get to the car and even if I could there is a twin size bed frame blocking the bin.

I created a Sheets document and added all the sizes and a general description of each shoe. I am hoping to do this with all the clothes bins and even my daughters clothes I have in storage for a few sizes up. This will be helpful down the road when I go to the thrift store and yard sales. My husband and I want to document all our items in our house and as I stated in another post we haven’t found a software that works for our family. I know this would take more time but I am already going through each bin so why not write down how many sleepers, onesies, pants, shirts, shorts, and etc. I find myself needing to sit more often so I could always collect the information and add them to a document later.

If you are a parent of multiple children how do you handle inventory?
Do you hold onto the clothes/shoes for the next baby (if you know you are going to have another one)?
Do you keep a documented inventory or just wing it?

Mental Pictures

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If you are fan of The Office or watched the two parter of Jim and Pam’s wedding then you know what a mental picture is referencing. I figure it’s pretty self explanatory but just in case you haven’t seen it. Jim and Pam are driving up to the wedding destination. Pam shares how her aunt suggested they take mental pictures of the high points of the wedding because it will go by super fast. My favorite mental picture in the two parter was when Jim cut his tie.

This concept came to my mind today when I was standing in the kitchen and neither my husband nor I had our phones on us. Our two-year-old (X) grabbed my husbands work gloves and hat he was wearing when he went outside to salt the sidewalk during the snowstorm we are currently experiencing. X put them on and was so excited. He took off to the other room wearing them. These are the moments as a mother I never want to forget. Our kids do things all the time that bring a smile to our face and those are the moments we will remember when they are adults. I know when my kids decide to leave and even start a family I won’t see a grown man/woman but the little child who did those type of things.

A few years ago I got myself a notebook to start writing down moments like those so I don’t forget them. I haven’t written it in a long time and I really need to start doing it again. The moments when they begin to make connects will one day be forgotten due to new experiences. I want to be able to go back and read all those moments. Our two-year-old is started to really come along with his vocabulary and today we were almost to the house when he yelled “Home”. He is making those connections and we made sure to praise him for using a new word. Our 5-yr-old (P3) is starting to get his own cereal in the morning and he keeps drawing family pictures making sure to include two babies in my belly.

P3 is next to me. Daddy is next to the tree and a random gift for Y. X is on the far right, next to Y, and Z is by my head on the right side. The twins are the four circles – they each have a head and body. I am not sure why he has stopped adding bodies to everyone else but I love it.

My husband had our daughter sitting on his chest while I was finishing up setting the table for breakfast. You can see into the dining room from the sunroom due to a window turned into an open shelf. I went to go upstairs to get the two younger boys, but P2 said he watched Y look at me and then turned to the door waiting for me to come through. This shows us that she is starting to make connection to her surroundings. Then at church I went to get the kids from downstairs. I was behind our 3-yr-old (Z) when I realized he was walking up the stairs with no railing and he was alternating his feet. This was a challenge for our oldest for a long time but it was the first time I have seen Z do it.

I want to remember these small moments and I don’t always have my phone on me. I also know that a lot of times by the time you get your phone out they stop doing whatever it is they were doing. X is always dancing – he will randomly start to sway his hips (like Elvis) and there will be no music. I am so blessed to be their mother and be able to stay home with them. I never want to forget that even when they are doing things that make me feel crazy.

What are mental pictures you never want to forget?
How do you try to capture the small moments?
How do you make sure to find a small moments with each child?

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