Inventory for Children’s Clothes/Shoes

When we were visiting with family I took three bins of my daughters clothes. The first bin was all Newborn and 0-3 months clothes, the second bin was 3 months and 3-6 months clothes, and the third bin was 6 months and 6-9 months. I went through all the clothes and posted them on the Marketplace. I listed each type of items I had for each size. I had mix feeling about doing this but I know it’s not wise to keep ahold of her clothes when I am honestly hoping to be done after the twins. I have been holding onto the boys clothes for almost six years and have gotten a lot of used out of them. I now have to go through all the bins and see what I have and what I need for the extra boy.

Today I finally went through all the boys shoes and packed them up in a bigger bin. I honestly had no idea how many shoes I had of each sizes due to us being in two different locations last year. Now as I go through them there are a few pairs that needed to be retired. I have always been pretty organized with my kids clothes and I’m pretty sure I shared about them in another blog. I just don’t know the number of each items. We got dumped on today and I have a bin in the car from our trip that had a lot of my Newborn items in it because when I was pregnant with my daughter my mom pulled out gender neutral items so I finally got them back. The thing is I can’t get to the car and even if I could there is a twin size bed frame blocking the bin.

I created a Sheets document and added all the sizes and a general description of each shoe. I am hoping to do this with all the clothes bins and even my daughters clothes I have in storage for a few sizes up. This will be helpful down the road when I go to the thrift store and yard sales. My husband and I want to document all our items in our house and as I stated in another post we haven’t found a software that works for our family. I know this would take more time but I am already going through each bin so why not write down how many sleepers, onesies, pants, shirts, shorts, and etc. I find myself needing to sit more often so I could always collect the information and add them to a document later.

If you are a parent of multiple children how do you handle inventory?
Do you hold onto the clothes/shoes for the next baby (if you know you are going to have another one)?
Do you keep a documented inventory or just wing it?

First Ultrasound

I waited until the second test to find an OBGYN and made my first appointment. I couldn’t wait to get to this appointment because all I wanted was to see the baby for the first time. My husband and I joked the whole time about me being pregnant with twins. Then again we joked about this during our fourth pregnancy and honestly it wasn’t until the middle of the pregnancy that it was confirmed that I was indeed having one baby. Now back to my fifth pregnancy; the nurse told me she was going to start taking pictures but after a few shots she would turn the screen so I could see the baby.

We were causally talking and I was telling her about my kids at home. I told her I had three boys – 5, 3, and 2. I also informed her I had a baby 5 months prior to getting pregnant with this baby. She reacted the same way most people react when I tell them our kids ages and how crazy we are for having a fifth baby. Then I looked at the screen and saw the very thing I kind of already knew – which was the real reason why I wanted to see the baby.

I will admit I was a little overwhelmed and just spent the rest of the time trying to not freak out as I was talking to the nurse. Having another baby so close after having our fourth child was nerve racking but now there are two. Which mean all the experiences I had in my past pregnancies is now invalid on some level. This pregnancy is going to be so different and I have no idea what to expect. I will admit I had in my head that there was a chance something could happen and we could lose one of the babies. I will post another post about the experience I have had so far but we still have two babies. I told my husband that I wasn’t going to give him any information until I got home – mostly because I didn’t want to tell him if it was twins over the phone.

I stopped to pick up a few groceries before heading home and I got a 1/2 dozen of donuts. When I got home I came into the house and told the kids that mommy brought home donuts. They rushed into the dining room and I had our oldest who is 5 count the doughnuts. Once he said six I said out loud “That’s how many kids mommy and daddy are going to have.” My husband got this smirk on his face and he was like twins? I then grabbed the pictures and showed him. He kind of knew but still the reality was finally here and all our jokes were not longer jokes. He of course started to think of ways to make more money.

Now the next thing is finding out the gender – because we both decided we were going to find out this time because I couldn’t handle not knowing. I need to know if it’s two girls, two boys, or a one of each. I need to prepare because no matter what we will need more clothes, except if it’s one of each.

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