Belly Photo – 28 Weeks

I already look like I’m about to pop. I am as big as I was toward the end of my other pregnancies. I have at least 8 more weeks so needless to say I’m only going to get bigger. I have a handful of people telling me I look good pregnant. One lady told me I look beautiful for being on my 5th and 6th child. I took the compliment but I know what has changed on my face since I started to have kids so it’s hard for me to see beauty. My husband told me I look very pregnant at this point but not fat. This was nice to hear because for a good portion of the beginning of my pregnancy I felt I was just fat and not much of it was the babies. My face has thinned out some and now I want to eat all the time. I guess that is normals since I have two extra sources taking from what I have on my body.

Right now I am still able to move around without to much help. Getting up sometimes take me a few more seconds. I am starting to take breaks while going up the stairs and I find sleeping has been a little better. I managed to get me a piece of foam and a body pillow. I have never been the type of person who uses a body pillow. I woke up a few times with my blankets scrunch up in between my legs. I guess my body was telling me it was time for a pillow. I was able to find one for cheap because I had no idea if I would actually take to it. I am waking up on my back when I do wake up. I am nervous about what I’m going to feel like in a few weeks. I still have a million things I need to do before these babies get here so I can’t drag my feet.

I hope to take a picture each week from here on out. I know I will want to see this later down the road despite how I may feel at this time. The boys are active and I often watch my stomach move in random spots. I am looking forward to meeting these two little guys.

Junk Drawer

I saw a meme on one of the social media platforms that said this is the one area we all have in common. I think on some level there is some truth to this concept. Then an ad showed up with a box that was called “Junk Drawer Starter Kit” this made me laugh but we all know we don’t typically need the help. This junk drawer really wasn’t that bad compared to other junk drawers from the past. I have found that with kids I am using the screw drivers weekly if not daily so that it is a must in our drawer. I am slowly trying to take control of our house so yesterday morning before the day got started for all of us I sat on my stool and quickly organize the drawer.

One of the hard things when it comes to the random stuff is having a home for it. I have learned over the years it’s easier to keep things clean when everything has a home. It’s the random stuff that doesn’t have a home that makes things a bigger mess. The sad thing is a lot of the stuff in the drawer has a home but just didn’t make it. I will work on something and instead of walking the extra pieces to the hallway where we keep our toolbox I just stuff it into the drawer. The random piece that broke off the toy that won’t take long to fix got put in the drawer for another day. I actually told my husband I wanted to create a “hospital box” for broke toys. When I worked at a daycare one classroom had a box on a shelf called the “Book Hospital” if a book got ripped or a page came out they were to put the book in the box. I feel this is something I should consider because you know kids play hard.

It did not take me long to put things away and it helps that we have a special container just for cords upstairs and downstairs. If only the rest of the house would be this easy to organize and clean. Oh and we have a hanging battery caddy so there is no reason for any batteries to be in the drawer. I hung it on the wall that leads down to the basement. It’s in an easy place for me to get to but not a place the kids can reach. I have found keeping bandaids is a good idea and I have to keep any writing pads out of reach. Now you may be wondering why I have a piece of cardboard on top of the drawer. I found that when we first moved in we had mice who like to hang out in the drawers. I decided to put a cover over most of the drawers so if a mouse was inside it wouldn’t mess all over the stuff.

What does your junk drawer have inside it?
What has to be inside it to make it a junk drawer?
How often do you clean your junk drawer?

I tired to help someone I know who I believe has ADHD. I figured it we made smaller baskets for general things this would help them keep their junk drawer organize. I have visited this person a few times since I did that drawer and the last time I was there nothing stuck. The baskets were still there with the original items but the drawer returned to a state of chaos and there was a lot of random stuff on top of the stuff that was already in the drawer. The person doesn’t seemed to mind it but it’s hard to find anything and I guess a big reason why I did it was for me to find stuff when I was there. I hate searching for stuff when it giving it a home makes life easier – as long as you return it to it’s home.

Twins Update – 3 Appointments

I have been trying to keep these update recent but I was not in the best frame of mind last week to post an update. I think partly because I like to add a picture of the updated ultrasound and I kept forgetting to take a picture of them. I had my normal two weeks ultrasound last week and I left confused and a little worried. The doctor decided to move my growth ultrasound up a week which was this week. He kept telling me that they were measuring small especially baby A. The thing was they didn’t confirm it was TTTS (Twins Transfusion Syndrome) but I did not understand why they kept saying baby A was measuring small since he was only one oz smaller then baby B. When I asked him to clarify why he kept saying baby A was smaller he started to explain TTTS and it took everything inside me to not cut him off. All he ended up saying was that you would be surprise how one oz can make a different and that there are times where the placenta just can’t keep up. I was upset for a few days over this and felt that they did not do a very good job explaining anything.

Now fast forward to Monday when I thought I had scheduled my second 3 hour sugar test but first I met with my OB. She ended up trying to explain to me what she thought the doctor was trying to tell me and why they moved up the appointment. The babies were in the 11th percentile which is low normal but that was not told to me. They had some concern but it was not enough to confirm anything. I felt better once talking to my OB but still annoyed that I was left to feel a certain way. Come to find out I was not scheduled for my 3 hour test but they let me do it anyway. I passed which I had a feeling I would pass because I think the only reason why I failed my 1 hour is because I didn’t eat before I went and I had my appointment first thing in the morning. I didn’t not have a crash this time because I had snacks in the car. I am also not anemic which seems to make everyone happy because typically women with twins are anemic by this point.

Now on Wednesday I had my growth ultrasound and everything looked great. The doctor was very pleased because baby A was now in the 35th percentile and baby B was in the 25th percentile. Baby A was 1lb 15oz and baby b was 1lb 14oz. Fluids looks great and they are sharing nicely. Baby B is laying on top of baby A who is head down and where he needs to be for delivery. Hopefully he will stay that way so I can have a vaginal birth. Baby B is a ball and if you look at the picture you can see I drew an arrow. I sent this picture to my best friend and wrote on it. I had to crop it to get rid of any personal information. That is his leg – which explains why I don’t feel him as much as I feel baby A. I am feeling a lot better and I don’t go back for two weeks. I am getting bigger and it’s harder to a lot of things but I’m continuing to pray for God’s protection. I am hoping I can have these two naturally and I am hoping they will come on their own once we get past 34 weeks. It’s hard to believe but we should these little guys joining us in 10 weeks.

M is Moving (Mini Series – Post 9)

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This post is talking about the possibility of moving by July:

Moving is a topic that we have been throwing around lately and yesterday we contacted my aunt to figure out if one of the plans we have is even possible. She has to talk to someone but until she does the plan is up in the air. Our end goal is to move down south but the timeline is up in the air. We currently live in the middle of no where and have no services we can use for having a big family. I mean food delivery services which I will need when I’m home alone with six kids. My husband who is in the military will be leaving for extended period of time. The closet family member who is actually actively in our life is 4 hours away. We have limited help and honestly I have learned to not rely on other people to help.

We have a lot of older generation who believe that no one should need help from anyone else especially since they didn’t have help. I am not a fan of this mindset but I understand why they feel this way due to their life. I have always been the type of person to help other people and would do what I could for friends and family. One of our hopes is we will have a positive relationships with our kids. I know our kids will leave the nest but hopefully we will invest to a point we have kids who want to see us during the holidays. Now getting back to the topic of moving. What are the pros and cons of moving? That is something I have been thinking about a lot because there is a lot to take into consideration when it comes too moving.

Staying Pros:
We are already settled
Rent is cheap (compared to a lot of places)
The kids get a break with moving
We have our own space
Landlords are great
Landlords take care of lawn
Kids have rooms that work for their ages
Still close to my mother to see on occasions

Staying Cons:
No delivery services
No help
No church to attend
Have to take all kids to any doctors appointments
Cost of oil for heat
Stricter homeschooling laws
Temporary living arrangements
Sleeping on sleeper sofa

Moving Pros:
Moving down south (FINALLY!)
Being closet to my aunt (possibly staying with her)
Having access to more possible help
Warmer weather
Delivery services
My own bedroom (if we get our own place)

Moving Cons:
Losing own personal space
Packing (after having twins)
Getting rid of everything we aren’t taking
Figuring out how to move what we plan to keep
Less stricter homeschooling laws
Higher rent (if we get our own place)
Possible lawn maintenance
Temporary living
Sharing room with the twins for a year
Only seeing my mother once a year maybe twice
Unknown landlords (we had one that made us very wiry of privately own landlords but we have had two since then that was great).

I started this post on Sunday morning but couldn’t finish it and I spent most of the day thinking about moving. I am really unsure what to do because I kept thinking throughout the day how nice it would be just to stay here because I have my own space. It’s hard living with other people no matter how accommodating they are willing to be. It’s not your space and you have to be considerate. Our home is set up for our kids. We don’t care how they treat the couches and if they draw on the wall it’s not a big deal. Our landlords decided to not paint since they know they will need to do it once they stop renting the space and we were fine with that since we have young kids. We currently have three bedrooms and one room is being used as an office. Due to my husband leaving we can take his stuff out and put the twins in that room. I am 100% ok with sleeping downstairs on the couch. I actually prefer it at this time in my life.

If I am totally honest I am hoping by the time my husband returns we will be in a place we can apply for a loan and when we go to move it will be our last move for a LONG TIME. We still plan on heading down south and it will be our first place we look when we go to move. I think that is a big factor in why I may choose to stay. Then again nothing has gone the way we thought with a project my husband is apart of so I don’t know if that would work out. It would also give me time to do stuff over time to get ready to move. If we move by July I only have a few months to prepare and I know I can do it. If you read my other post you know that is the case. I really have no idea what we will end up doing.

Cue music:
Should I stay or should I go now?

M is for Moving (Mini Series – Post 8)

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I totally dropped the ball with this mini series because I realized the last post I wrote was about our move from OH. I failed to write one about our latest move which was at the end of July 2021. This was overall a weird move for me at least. We are currently staying in a 120 year old farm house in the middle of no where. I have grown up my whole life in the country and I loved it. I have always wanted to live in the country and now that I’m here I am finding there are a few things I didn’t take into consideration when moving back into the country. Now I know you can live in “country” and still not be too far from civilization. Being a mom of young kids not having the choice of delivery services is really hard. We will have six kids soon and when my husband isn’t around I will have to load up the kids to take to the store. Pick up services are great but they don’t always have what you need and I have found that the website says something isn’t available but when you go in – it’s on the shelf. Sorry for that rabbit trail…on with the moving part of the story.

We are currently staying about four hours from my mother’s place; where we stored a lot of our items during our transitional period from OH. We didn’t want to rent a truck and it worked out a few times where we could bring a load of our stuff over a few trips just because of us visiting for a week before we got the place and then having to return for the boys birthday party. We would bring both cars with us so we could put the boys in my husband car and I would fill the van up as much as I could with our daughter. I did take a trip out by myself one morning to get a big load because I was so tired of our stuff being stored there and it was causing a lot of grumbling. I got up at 3 in the morning and I was back by 3 in the afternoon. It’s amazing how quickly you can do stuff when you don’t have to stop a few times for tiny people.

Now the hard/weird part about this move was we had stuff in VA and my plan was to go back down to pack everything. We were not going to get a truck but planned to get a hitch put on the van and rent a trailer. We would fill the van and the trailer with what could fit and what could not would be given away. That did not happen because I was told we would be given a truck for no cost and my MIL decided she would pack all our stuff up so I didn’t have to come back down. I honestly can say I was not happy about that because I wanted to get rid of stuff and I knew we would end up with more stuff. I agreed to take the bed I used because she was going to throw it out anyway – which I am not sure why she would do that since she brought that bed and it was her daughters. I have my suspicion but I’ll leave it at that. If I would have been able to do what I wanted to do we wouldn’t of taken the bed. Which I ended up giving away because of the layout of the house and not having room for it.

We did not get our stuff until the end of September because of our schedule and getting the truck which I found out was not free but going to cost money which we did not plan for and that was a whole other thing. We did not pay for it but I was not happy that anyone had to put money into it because I had a plan but I ended up having no choice. I could have died on that hill but I decided it wasn’t worth it. We ended up buying my husband a one way ticket down to VA and he came home the same day. I guess the bright side is neither of us had to load the truck. I am still not fully unpacked from all the stuff that was sent up. My husband and I both agreed if something happened again and we were in the same situation we would literally get rid of all our stuff this time and not put anything in storage. I was told multiple times we WOULD get a storage unit and I pushed back. It’s just stuff and I after all the moving I don’t want to do deal with this stuff. We have also agreed that if we can move out of state like we hope to we will most likely get ride of 80% of what we have and only take the things we can’t really replace. I hope that we can get a bigger van for our growing family and we will just get a hitch on it. Then get a trailer and load those two things up and that’s it. If we can’t fit it in those two places it doesn’t come with us.

We have tried to get everything we have second hand and not be in love with any of the stuff we currently use. We had to buy some stuff new because we couldn’t find it second hand but even those pieces will most likely not come with us. Thanks to Marketplace and yard sales we can find a lot of the stuff we have again. The place we want to move to I spent time there and found yard sales is the best place to go for replacing stuff. This isn’t our last move because the owners plan to give the house to their son in a few years so they are only renting it for max 3 years. We still have no idea if we will be here for another year or if we will be moving once the twins come but hopefully we will figure that out soon.

Daylight Saving Time – Suck!

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When are we going to get rid of this practice? Every time this comes around I find myself wanting to move to Arizona and I just discovered Hawaii does not follow it either. Can we adopt this idea in other states as well? When I didn’t have kids it didn’t really bothered me but now that I’m a mother this whole idea SUCKS! I am currently sitting on the couch wanting to work on something but I just realized that I’m losing an hour so I should head to bed myself. I know I am not the only one who feels this way – it takes forever for us to get adjusted and for some reason it does not feel like there has been a lot of time from the fall time change to the spring time change.

Does any parents out there have any advice on how to make this easier?
Is there a way to adjust your kids before the day comes?

I am also not looking forward to arguing with my oldest about it still being daylight outside so he clearly doesn’t need to go to bed. Thankfully the end of the day my other two boys are typically tired since they aren’t napping anymore so when I tell them it’s bedtime they don’t put up a fight (most of the time).

Inventory for Children’s Clothes/Shoes

When we were visiting with family I took three bins of my daughters clothes. The first bin was all Newborn and 0-3 months clothes, the second bin was 3 months and 3-6 months clothes, and the third bin was 6 months and 6-9 months. I went through all the clothes and posted them on the Marketplace. I listed each type of items I had for each size. I had mix feeling about doing this but I know it’s not wise to keep ahold of her clothes when I am honestly hoping to be done after the twins. I have been holding onto the boys clothes for almost six years and have gotten a lot of used out of them. I now have to go through all the bins and see what I have and what I need for the extra boy.

Today I finally went through all the boys shoes and packed them up in a bigger bin. I honestly had no idea how many shoes I had of each sizes due to us being in two different locations last year. Now as I go through them there are a few pairs that needed to be retired. I have always been pretty organized with my kids clothes and I’m pretty sure I shared about them in another blog. I just don’t know the number of each items. We got dumped on today and I have a bin in the car from our trip that had a lot of my Newborn items in it because when I was pregnant with my daughter my mom pulled out gender neutral items so I finally got them back. The thing is I can’t get to the car and even if I could there is a twin size bed frame blocking the bin.

I created a Sheets document and added all the sizes and a general description of each shoe. I am hoping to do this with all the clothes bins and even my daughters clothes I have in storage for a few sizes up. This will be helpful down the road when I go to the thrift store and yard sales. My husband and I want to document all our items in our house and as I stated in another post we haven’t found a software that works for our family. I know this would take more time but I am already going through each bin so why not write down how many sleepers, onesies, pants, shirts, shorts, and etc. I find myself needing to sit more often so I could always collect the information and add them to a document later.

If you are a parent of multiple children how do you handle inventory?
Do you hold onto the clothes/shoes for the next baby (if you know you are going to have another one)?
Do you keep a documented inventory or just wing it?

M is for Moving (Mini Series – Post 7) 

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Have you ever had a feeling that you knew something was going to happen but you ignored the feeling as long as possible. I think on some level I knew this house was not going to be longer than a year, but I did not know the reason behind it. I had every plan to get rid of all the moving boxes but due to life and things I ended up keeping all the boxes. This came in handy because little did I know that we would have to move and it would be one of the most challenging moves we have had to face in our whole marriage. We didn’t love the house we were renting but we enjoyed it. What I’m trying to say we wouldn’t of brought the house but we did like the layout and what it represented in our life. The set up was ideal because we believe our environment should be set up for kids instead of making them not touch stuff because we have the house the way we want. When we moved to OH we replaced a handful of things and we were getting settled. I wanted to stay in the house for a few years because I was so tired of moving. We moved in Sept 2019 and we had to leave by August 2020.

I know we weren’t the only people who had to face similar situation due to everything that was happening but no one in our life at the time truly understood it and often felt we should have never been in that place especially since we were married. I am not going to go into all the details but we moved to OH for a job. In December of 2019 the person who officially hired my husband was let go and they brought on someone new. Then everything began to shut down and we were blessed since my husband was able to keep his job but we kind of knew that the job wasn’t going to last. The new person kept him on to get through a few months and then with the pandemic they took advantage of the situation and let him go in May. This was the beginning of a very challenging time in our life. My husband (P2) tired to launch his own business but everyone was hurting and nothing came of it. He had a big fish that would have changed everything if they would have went with him but it didn’t work out. P2 began the long search of trying to find a new job and that lasted for over a year. We got to a place we had to sell stuff just to pay rent and make ends meet. He tired apply for unemployment but got denied in one state and was accepted in another one but it took until September before we saw any money. We had to apply for food assistance for the first time in our lives and that ended up helping so much.

We had no money and no where to go. The only really choice we had was for us to try to sell EVERYTHING and I had to move in with his mother in another state with the three kids. This was such a hard time and humbling experience. I attempted to sell as much stuff as possible but that became very hard and we ended up having to give most of the stuff away for free. I did have a yard sale to try to get rid of crafts items, toys, and other house items we were not keeping. We debated on what to do about how we would move as a whole. We kept as much stuff as possible but it was mostly clothes, toys, and a couple pieces of furniture. We had a family member who offered for us to store our stuff at their place but it was only suppose to be for a few months. It ended up being a year and it caused some issues over time. The person lived 4 hours away so every chance we had we took a load out. I was planning on getting a truck to finish the move but that was not communicated clearly. I wish I could remember how many loads we took but we could have cut down a lot of bins if I would have been willing to give up half the toys I kept. We kept our TV and all our pictures.

My husband and I ended up coming out one more time by ourselves to finish up the house at the end of August and I found out that we had until mid-sept to move. It was too late at that point we had to pay for our mattress to be taken away even though it wasn’t even a year old. We loaded up the van and took a car full of trash to the dumpsite that was 30 minutes away because we would have had to pay a fine if we left trash. We learned afterward we were suppose to hire a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets. We did not have the money for that so they took it out of our security deposit. We ended up not getting anything back and had to pay for some things we knew about but then they tired to charge us for stuff that we thankfully submitted when we first moved in. We did not have the best experience with this company but they must of not hated us because they told our latest landlords we were good tenants. The move was once again over time but it easier when you had to get rid of most of your belongings.

What was your worse move?


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It’s almost 5:30AM and I’m currently sitting in the basement with two blankets and a small heater. We’re spending some time with family with that being said our daughter is the same room as us. My mom offered to put her in another room and I said let’s give it a shot with her in our room. Yep – I am regretting this choice. Our routine at home is she goes to bed anywhere between 5 and 7 – it depends on if she take an afternoon nap, how long she takes, and how she is acting in that time frame. There are nights she only gets one 8oz cup but last night she got a 4 oz around 11:30 and I gave her the 8oz cup around 2:30. When I thought she was done with the 8 oz cup she talked to herself for a while and I discovered she was a gassy little thing. Around 5ish she woke up again and began to cry out. I got up to get her pacifier but realized she didn’t finish her cup. I laid back down but between her gassy moments, her fussing off and on, and talking to herself. When we are at home I have been turning down the monitor because I found that she often makes noises but she doesn’t really need anything. Once I have done that I am sleeping a little longer but with her in the room that isn’t the case. I decided to just get up and come downstairs.

Then again I was not sleeping very well on my own. I am super achy and it’s making it hard to sleep. Due to our currently living arrangements (where we are living on a normal basis) we could not get the box frame of the bed we were given up the stairs. This is the downsize of an older house they were not designed for our furniture of today. We had to set the bed up in the large living room but to be honest we didn’t really want the bed because I slept on it for almost a year and it was uncomfortable, loud, and to small for us. We slept on it maybe a few times but we found sleeping in the sun room was easier. I only say all that because being here I am able to sleep on a bed and it’s comfortable. I passed out at 9:30 and it was glorious. Then again I was up since 4:30 due to not having stuff ready for our trip. I was physically and mentally tired.

Then I was woken up by my daughter, shortly afterward my husband came to bed, and I tossed and turned all night. I woke up even when she wasn’t awake and of course I had dry mouth every time I woke up. I am not sure why I’m achy but I believe that is the reason why I couldn’t sleep. I am still pretty tired and I may attempt to sleep in the recliner once I’m done writing and maybe doing a few things that need my attention before the day starts. I am not sure what to do about the achy feeling – I can’ take much and it’s not even my stomach area. My legs and arms are the biggest areas and I wonder if it’s because of blood flow. I know I am going to have another day of being tired if I can’t get some more sleep. I know once I even attempt to sleep I’m going to get a message telling me I left and left our daughter behind. He usually sleep through stuff more than I can.

Here to another day – at least I don’t have the every day demands of home but I am planning on making food while we are here so I have to do some cooking. I did bring a handful of projects to work on but today my mom will be heading to work for a few hours and she is hoping to be off tomorrow. She is willing to take the kids so maybe tomorrow I will be able to sleep in whatever that may look like at this point in my life. Oh and our daughter is being moved to a new room – I will just have to get up and take her the cup but I won’t have to tip-toe around her. I will be able to turn down the monitor so that might help with getting some real sleep.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?
If you dealt with achy feeling during pregnancy what helped?

M is for Moving (Mini Series – Post 6)

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The plan was to live in the townhouse for one year and find a house to rent. We move back because of a job and we learned by month 6 that things were not going to work out and a lot stuff started to happen. I won’t be sharing most of the details but he spent most of the year in OH at a client. They ended up liking him so much that they hired him full time which gave us the opportunity to move out of state. The big issue was we didn’t know what was going to happen until the last minute. Everything happened so fast. The kids and I went to visit my husband in OH on my due date because he couldn’t make it back. We actually looked at a house that Friday and I went into labor Saturday night into Sunday. We looked at the house but we still wasn’t sure if we would be moving there. I ended up in OH for a week due to have the baby and having to take our third child to an appointment before we could leave. Then two weeks later we had signed the lease and planned to move. Once I was able to drive I loaded up the kids and we headed to our new place for the weekend.

Once again we had a new place before we were out of the old lease. We knew we weren’t bringing certain items with us so we began to get a few things for the house before we could officially move everyone out there. We were excited because the house we were renting had four bedrooms, a fenced in backyard, a garage, an unfinished basement, and allowed large dogs. It was a step up from the townhouse and it was suppose to be a new beginning for our family. We made a couple trips out from the old place to the new place so we sent stuff each time. I say this because even us moving from one side of a state to a new state we managed to move stuff in smaller loads. Now when it came time to move we were lucky enough to leave our two oldest with my mother and we went back to the old place with our newborn. I personally packed the house up on my own and I did most of it in one day. This was due to us going away on a weekend and heading straight to OH instead of heading back to the old place.

Once again we got a moving truck and we would have had to load it ourselves if it wasn’t for my husband best friend and one his friends showing up. They were our saving grace because most of our stuff was down in the basement. It would have taken my husband and I all night if we had to do it ourselves. During that year before we moved to OH I was beginning to embraced the minimalist lifestyle and I started to get rid of stuff. I watch a video on YouTube where a woman put all members of the families clothes in one closet. I LOVED that idea but I also downsized all our clothes in the process. The kids only had what they needed and I would have to do more laundry but at least the load wouldn’t get out of control. I got rid of all our dressers. I was the type of person who wanted matching furniture and we worked hard to get our pieces from IKEA. Downsizing really did help but I do feel even after moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom townhouse we still had to much stuff. Once we were loaded up I drove the van with our son and my husband drove the truck. We spent the night at my mother’s house and the next day we loaded up the kids and headed to our new home. P2 took our dog on one of his trips so we didn’t have to worry about him as I packed up the house and we used Rover. Our oldest got to be in the truck with his dad and he LOVED it.

My husband and I unloaded the truck by ourselves and it didn’t take us to long and everything fit in the garage. We had high hopes for this move and it was nice because we finally were able to leave a state that I spent my whole life in and he has been living in since we gotten married. It was a new beginning but we had no idea what was about to happen in 2020 that would change everyone lives and force us into a situation that would be one of the most challenging situation we have faced as a family. We still think about the house in OH and how we miss it. The house wasn’t our dream home and the company we used was a piece of work but we miss what the house represented.

How many out of states move have you done?
Did you hire a moving company?
What would you do differently?
How do you handle moving with young kids?

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