Reading Challenge Book 14 – The Art of Thinking Clearly

2022 GoodRead Challenge – Book 14 of 50

The Art of Thinking Clearly written by Rolf Dobelli. I am going to be straight with you but the only reason why I listened to this book was because my husband brought a hard copy of the book. I wanted to be able to talk to him since I have never really shown a lot of interest in what books he chooses to read. This book had short chapters and it is the type of book that should be read. I do have a hard copy I could grab and look over – I may look at it some day to re-read a few chapters. The authors has some pretty strong belief and you can tell as you read this book. There was a lot of interesting points but I feel on some level there is always more ways to see each point. Then again it also depends on what you believe and how you interrupt the world. If you are believer of God then you may not like his view on certains points he makes throughout the book.

I cannot give you an example but I will say there was a few times as I listened that I could understand why this book is an interest to my husband. The funny thing is we did end up talking and he said that he felt that he could of written a book like this one. I told him then he should do it because I often hear him point out how he has been saying x, y, and z over the years. I also told him he should write a book on how to not be a good boss. I hope one day he does finally decide to write a book because he is pretty wise in many areas of life and he often notices things that a lot of people may not notice. I have always told him that he has a way of explaining things that drawn people into the conversation. I am not going to say if you should or should not read this book. I personally would of never picked this book – mostly because I don’t think I would of ever heard of this book if it wasn’t for my husband. It’s a little outdated since it was written in 2013 and it was interesting to listen to certain parts after experiencing things throughout the pandemic. My husband did say it would be interesting to see what he has to say about a few of the points he made after the last two years.


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