Egg Hunt Suggestion

My least favorite event I did as a Children’s pastor was the egg hunt. It was a stressful time for me because if I’m totally honest I didn’t see the point in doing one and having to stuff eggs was time consuming. When I started my full time job I learned that the person before me would lay out empty eggs for the kids to collect and gave them a bag of candy at the end. They also put out gold eggs as the prize eggs. Now I may not be a fan of this event but if you’re going to do one then please put a little more effort. The way I was instructed to do this event was to do this event on Palm Sunday and provide a picnic for the families afterward. It was a lot of work but it seemed to be a hit. I think the last year I was there it rained so we had to set up in the building.

I had four zones for the kids and each zone was done at a different time. This was to help families who had multiple age children. I provided a number of tickets inside each zone for a child to win a prize and then we provided a large family prize after the picnic. I made sure to have child appropriate items for each age group. Once the kids collected the eggs they were encourage to go to the gym to open their eggs and return the empty eggs to bins. This is how we kept the cost down and not having to buy more eggs. This is also how they figured out if they had a ticket or not. I would provide some of the food using the Children’s ministry budget but we often opened up for the members of the church to bring a dish. I believe we provided hamburgers and hot dogs for the event.

My last event I did was in the Spring of 2017 so it’s been awhile. I was able to take my kids to the same church for this years Easter event. Now they do it completely differently and I honestly wish I would of thought of this way. It was no longer an egg hunt but a candy scramble. They had three zones and they gave out bags with the church name on it. Inside the bag they provided an empty egg with a cross on it and a egg with some candy inside it. The way they handle giving out prizes was they put a special candy bar/item in the bag. If you found one then you got to chose from the prize table. They no longer provided lunch but gave out chips/pretzels and a slice of cake. They had craft tables set up and someone in a bunny outfit. Now the person who took over is or/and was part time. I had to put my oldest by his age group which was next to the younger zone but I stood with my two younger boys. Once they gave the green light the kids got to pick up candy. As I walked behind my younger two I pointed out candy for them to pick up. This reminded me of the one thing that I did when I was in charge that I wish that any group who put together this event would take into consideration.

Certain candy is NOT age appropriate. I watched my younger two put bubble gum, lemon heads, taffy items, and hard tack candy in their bucket. Most of the items they collected they could not eat and to me that is kind of disappointing to a kid. Now my kids don’t really eat a lot of candy mostly because they forget we have it in the house once they go to bed. I’m not going to remind them so usually it will sit in the cabinet for a bit and then it get thrown away. When I put these events together I would only put chocolate and single serve gummies in those eggs. I wanted to make sure that the kids effort was not done in vain. I recommend when putting those containers together don’t put the candy the younger kids can’t eat.

What was the best Easter event you attended?
What kind of egg hunt have you experience in the past?
What suggestion do you have for someone who is putting together this event?


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