Reading Challenge Book 9 – A Woman of No Importance

2022 GoodRead Challenge – Book 9 of 50

A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II – written by Sonia Purnell. I do not normally read books like this one. I was watching a YouTube channel and the woman shares in one of her post the books she read in the month she posted the vlog. This was on her list and I thought it was an interesting topic. As I already stated I don’t typically read books like this one but I like to try to be open to new books. Honestly if it wasn’t for the post I would of never heard of this book. I listened to this book on audio and it was a good listen. I sometime have a hard time listening to non-fiction on audio but I kept the speed to normal for most of the book. I think when I was almost done I decided to try it at a higher speed.

If you are a history buff and you like to learn about the variety of people who played a part in the war I would recommend this book. I personally wanted to be a mom and once upon a time wanted to be a stay at home mom. Then I liked working after having my first child so I no longer wanted to be one. Now I wouldn’t change anything because I love being home with my kids. I say all that because not everyone has that type of dream and it was nice to read about a woman who felt a certain way. Virginia Hall did not let the pressure of the times and her family keep her from doing what she felt was best. She did not let things get in her way and she was good at what she did. I don’t want to give away any key stories in the book but she was a strong and smart woman. She had a lot of favor on her side when it came to certain situations.

I personally don’t know a whole lot when it comes to WWII and I’m currently listening to another book called Operation Paperclip. This event was mention at the end of the book I just read but I already had it on my list to read. It’s important on some level to be educated about the past wars mostly so we don’t repeat history. A lot of people played a lot of roles in the war and it was nice to see someone who was so determine to make a difference they did not let anyone or anything get in their way. She is inspiring because even when a major setback happened in her own life before she left to help in the war. She did not let it keep her from moving ahead. If you like to listen to audio books – I recommend to listen to the book.


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