Birthday Party (Mini Series 5 – Dinosaurs Party: Pre-Party)

Welcome to the bonus post for the Birthday series.
In our household we always throw the kids a birthday party with extended family but it’s rarely on their birthday. On their actual birthday we always have a small celebration with just the nuclear family but this time we were still visiting my aunt and we had a real cake for his big day. It was a nice treat since we consider turning 5 one of the big birthdays.

When there is a birthday in the house I always put balloons on the door, balloons in one of the rooms, and I decorate their chair with a helium balloon. This is done even for mom and dad. We will have a special breakfast and we have an ice cream cake for dessert that evening. The kids will get a couple presents to open on their birthday and the rest at their party. This time my aunt order a special cake that fit the theme for our oldest. I let him pick the theme on his own. We used some of decorations for his party which was held later in the month once we returned to VA.

I was not able to make his banner for this party due to just having my daughter in another state and not having access to my Cricut. There is a time and place and I have learned to be ok with not being able to do everything the way I would normally do it.

Ok – this was a random last minute add before I headed to bed. I came up with the idea in the moment which is why the hats looks thrown together. I thought it would be a cute idea for him to come out to a few of his toys celebrating his big day. I also could only find painter tape so you use what you have and hope for the best.

Check out the next post in this series of his actual party which was a dinosaur theme.


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