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If you clicked on this post you may or may not be familiar with the title of the post. It’s a pretty famous line from a TV show that was on mid 2000’s. It’s all fun and extreme in the show but I have found myself saying it over the years. I personally struggle with treating myself to anything. I am horrible at self-care and I have found lately when I finally do treat myself I often regret it afterward for multiple reasons. Over Christmas I finally brought myself a set of small silver hoops earrings. I have two top holes on my left ear and one side hole on my right ear. I also have two holes each at the bottom of my lobes. I keep a pair of studs in the second hole and leave my first hole open for changing out earrings. I don’t wear earring often these days because I’m home 95% of the time.

Anyway I finally took the top studs out of my two upper holes. I wanted to add small silver hoops but the hoops I finally got was to small and the idea of spending more money to get what I want makes me annoyed. I highly doubt I could have returned them since you know they are earrings and no one wants used earrings on something they think they are getting brand new. Then the other day I needed new underwear because I’m currently housing two new lives so everything is expanding on my body. When I brought the underwear home I didn’t think they would fit because they looked to big but then I found they fit me fine, except I brought high waisted. Due to my new belly band I just got with groin straps the underwear don’t work well and to be honest I am not a fan of high waist underwear. I can’t return them either so now I’m stuck with making these underwear work for this time in my life.

Then going back to the belly band that was not a cheap item and at first I LOVED it and I still do. The thing is over the course of the day it gets all bundled up. That is annoying and I wonder if that is happening because I brought to small of a band or maybe it’s due to the size of the straps. I haven’t brought one lately but I have purchased multiple nursing bras over the last five years and I have yet to find one I actually like because most of the time I buy the wrong kind. I either get them to small and my one boob keeps falling out. I got one that had an underwire and it hurts to wear. I have another one that is way to big. I have never been good at buying bras over the course of my life so I shouldn’t be surprise that I’m not good at picking a nursing bra.

I grew up shopping at thrift stores because that is how my family did things and I honestly did not mind it. I know some people find shopping second hand is a sign of low-income. I know someone who HATES that I enjoy shopping second hand and they never or rarely brought second hand for one of their children. Then again they may of never brought for both but they shopped at higher end stores for the second one. There is nothing wrong with that if you can afford it but I was amazed how quickly the one child would move to a new wardrobe in a few months span. I never put a lot of value in clothing mostly because I never had the choice when I was younger – ok that is a lie I used to go back to school shopping with a family member. The thing was I always looked for marked down items because I knew they didn’t have a lot of money so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t costing them an arm and a leg. I was way to aware of the cost of things and I never allowed myself to enjoy the treat I would get from those family members.

The other day I went to a local thrift store and ended up buying a bag full of maternity items. I am not in love with all of the items but they were cheap and I got four long dresses. My legs look like someone drew all over them with a blue marker or took a baseball bat to them. Needless to say I won’t be wearing shorts during this pregnancy. I am hoping once I’m done with having kids I will finally treat myself in the clothes department. This is the one area that I have downsized and have managed to keep it down. I have a hate relationship with clothes and it hasn’t changed even being pregnant.

Now I do have a long list of things I want to be buy if we ever get to a place that I can afford to spend money on things for me. I want to try the make your own shampoo, find some kind of make-up that works for me, I want to get a tattoo one on each wrist, I want to get my nose re-pierced, I would love to get some hair removal on my eyebrows (I suck at keeping up with my eyebrows), and that’s a few things. I just fear even if I do get to a place I can afford those items I will end up having issues with those items, because that seems to be my luck. Then again I don’t really believe in luck but you get the point. I am really not very high maintenance and I don’t color my hair. I have no desire to get my nails done. I have done my feet over the years but I will never get nails done on my hands again. I would cut my hair short again if my husband didn’t want me to grow it back out.

Anyway how do you treat yourself?
What would you buy for yourself if money wasn’t an issue?
What is your self-care routine?
Why is taking care of yourself important?


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  1. I’ve always heard the little term y’all used “one brow is target while the other is Walmart.” But seriously, I never noticed.


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