Hand Surgery

Our middle child was born with webbing in between two of his fingers. We never noticed it until he was 1.5 years old and we first talked to his doctor about it before the pandemic. The plan was to get it taken care of but due to everything shutting down we had to hold off. Fast forward to 3.5 years old he is finally getting it done. I am currently sitting at his bedside while he is still sleeping from being put under. We were told that we didn’t have to get it done but I was finding that he was having a hard time using his fingers for things because it’s his dominant hand.

If we didn’t get it taken care of now later down the road he would have to have it done if we choose to wear a wedding ring. There is a 13% chance it will grow back but I’m not really sure why that is the case. We won’t see the actual hand for 3 weeks and it’s going to be interesting to see how he does with this cast on. Two things is going to happen he will get to a point where he master using his right hand or we will be doing everything for him due to him not using his right hand.

This kids changes his favorite color daily and when he was asked what color he wanted he said black. The doctor even showed him samples and he picked black. I am not sure how he will react once he wakes up to find the cast. As of right now he is still sleeping and I have been sitting here for over 30 minutes. Then again this kid most likely never slept this well in his life. He is my kid who can run on a few hours of sleep.

Update: He woke up on his own and now eating a popsicle and he you can tell he isn’t happy about the cast. I don’t think he is full aware of what it all means but he did cry for a second when he first woke up. My biggest concern now is him using the cast to hurt his sibling especially his baby sister. He would never do anything to hurt her on purpose but I can see him bumping her when she is on the couch. The oldest and him have been fighting a lot lately so this may get serious. I’m just glad everything was good with him going under. You never know how a person will react and I have heard stories. We are about to be released soon and he will have to be taken down in a chair. He is currently covered in the orange popsicle he is eating staring at the screen that keeps beeping at him.


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