Homemade Blocks

The pictures aren’t the best quality due to the age of the photos but when I worked at a daycare we would make these homemade blocks in the toddlers room. My favorite was the blocks we would send home with the parents for them to add pictures of their family. This was helpful for the younger kids because they were able to have a picture of their family and often we would find the kids carry around their block. The downsize is they would get upset if another child had their block. I have made blocks for my kids over the years but I don’t have any pictures of those blocks. These were made when I used to babysit.

Items needed:
(newspaper, recycle paper, sale ads, etc…)
Empty boxes
(cereal, pasta, amazon boxes, etc…)
Tape and Packing Tape
Brown Wrapping paper
(Dollar Tree)
(print out, magazine, sale ads, etc…)
Glue Sticks

I stuffed the boxes with the papers to help keep them from being crushed if a child stepped on them. Just be mindful how full you fill them because if they are overstuffed it’s hard for them to stack the blocks.

I taped the box closed and use regular tape to wrap the box with the brown paper. Once I added the pictures I would use the packing tape to cover the whole box. This prevents the children from taking off the pictures and wrapping paper. I found a lot of free print outs and added them to the box. When I used to baby sit another child I made a box with all their favorite things. They enjoyed looking at the different items on the block. I would make family blocks using a variety of family pictures including extended family.


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