30th Birthday Party

I love throwing parties for the people in my life and I asked the people in my life to throw my 30th birthday party because I felt it wasn’t to much to ask since I have done so many for other people. Now I don’t say this in a negative way but I realized the closer it got to my birthday that it was not going to happen unless I did it myself. I put together this party pretty quickly.

When my best friend got married she discovered it would be cheaper for her to buy the table cloths then it would be to rent them. I ended up buying them from her which is why I had the cream color cloths. I ended up donating them after multiple moves but throwing parties was not happening as often and I needed to downsize. As I look over the pictures because it’s been 6 years since I had this party I laugh to myself because I was never a gold fan but I have learned to like it over the years.

I sprayed painted a bunch of clothes pins which I think I had leftover from my best friend wedding. I put together a photo wall and the blue frames I used for my jewelry later on. During this time of my life I held on to everything from all the parties I put together so it was easy to put this together at the last minute. I sprayed painted a few frames I got from the local thrift store and got silverware, napkins, and plates that went along with the color theme. The center pieces was pictures of me over the years. I love pictures and I put together a photo board. I tired to do what I would do for other people but knowing me I would have done a lot more if I had time.

I even made homemade cookies and added them to gold tins. I gave them as favors because I like providing favors for parties. I don’t remember what I made but I also made the food for the party. I am pretty sure it was everything I loved like stuffed mushrooms and homemade Mac and cheese. I hope one day I’ll be back in a place where I can throw parties like these again and have more people then I have had over the years.

The one thing I did not have to do was the cake which this was the party that introduce me to Wegman cakes and that is when I stopped making cakes. I also asked for an ice cream cake made out of lactose free ice cream. My best friend was the one who stepped up because I shared with her how I felt about no one stepping up to throw my party. She started to help towards the end and I think the only reason why I had anything outside of what I did was because of her. I did not originally ask her to do the party I asked two other people who I learned quickly was not comfortable with planning a party. Instead of coming out and telling me, they waited until I took over. The thing was I gave them a year to plan it and kept reminding them but it worked out in the end. If I had to do it over I would have been more sensitive to the fact that throwing parties isn’t everyone cup of tea and I should have asked other people who I know would have enjoyed it. Even though I did tell them that if they wasn’t sure what to do to ask other people to help.


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