30th Birthday Party – Video Games

When my husband turned 30 I threw him a surprise birthday party. I had so much fun putting together this party. Throughout his life he played multiple video games. If you are familiar with video games you may recognize a few of the decorations.

Video Games Decorations:

Fuse Beads Designs:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy

When my husband was in his finally phase for OCS (officer school for the Army) I was home for two weeks waiting for the semester to start. I also ended up out of commission due to a tooth infection so I sat on the couch working on the fuse beads. This of course was before we got pregnant with our first child. I planned to add magnets to the back so we could use them on the fridge but I never did that. I am not even sure if we have them at this point – they may be in a keepsake box or I got rid of them.

I created the achievements signs using the idea of the old Xbox design – this was done about five years ago. I think this design was my favorite thing for his party. I used the Cricut to cut out the shapes, the trophy, and the letters. I glued it onto a poster board and cut it out. I used yard sale sticks from Walmart to display them over the yard.

I used the Cricut to make the hearts for one of the banners. I did not have a template but just measured out the squares and cut them out on the Cricut. I had to glue it all together – this took a good amount of time.

I used white balloons to create the ghost from Mario and I hung purple streamers on the sliding door to create a Nether Portal. I printed out the Xbox logo and added it to the bins that held cups, plates, and silverware.

I planned all the food to go with the theme:
Fire Flower: Veggie Tray
Piranha Plants: Fruit Sticks
Mana and Health Juice: Kool-Aid Drinks
Fallout Deviled Eggs: Deviled Eggs
Halo: Reach Hamburger: Hamburgers
Skyrim Chicken: Chicken Breast
Ravager Dogs (WOW): Hot Dogs
Portal Cake: Chocolate Cake

My favorite food item I got was the cake. I picked up a store brought cake and added items to make it look like the cake from Portal. I added the chocolate shaving, the whip cream, and the cherries. I’m pretty sure we had ice cream but I don’t think I had a clever name so there is no picture.

I LOVE putting together a themed party and I have done it a lot over the years. I will post other parties over time but this was a lot of fun putting together.

What was your favorite birthday party?
Have you had a favorite themed party?
What kind of parties did you have as a child?
As an adult what kind of birthday party would you throw if you could?


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