To Vlog or Not To Vlog

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Over the last few years I have played around with the idea of vlogging. I actually started to make videos when I was pregnant with my third child because I was working on downsizing our home inventory. I was getting rid of furniture, downsizing our clothes and getting organized. I wanted to live a more minaimist lifestyle and I was going to share my journey with the world. I didn’t completely hate how I looked at the time so I would do videos and I did post some on my old blog. I ended up deleting that blog due to some personal reasons and I wasn’t ready to even consider YouTube. Now fast forward and my life has changed so much since I was pregnant with my third child. If you have read any of my other post you know I am currently pregnant with baby number 5 and 6. We have moved multiple times since then and we still have way to much stuff. One other thing I have done over the last few years is started to watch other people who have vlogs on YouTube. I never really intended to do this because I never had any desire to watch people on YouTube.

When I was going through my minimalist lifestyle change I watched a video here and there to get ideas. The first person I remember watching was The Minimalist Mom. The first video I watched was about paper decluttering and organizing. We had so much paperwork and I was at a lost. Then over the years I would watch a video here or there but that was the extent of it. In 2020 I found myself on YouTube more often but mostly I would play videos for the kids like books being read or Jack Hartmann. Then on occasion I might watch random video but YouTube will suggest people over time. I remember opening the app and saw a video talking about Unschooling. I have never heard that term before so I ended up watching the almost hour video. Then you know once you watch one video the site begins to suggest the same channel with other videos. That’s when I started to watch The Knorpp family and ended up subscribing to their channel. My subscription list has grown over time and I’ll add a few more people I enjoy listening to that have their own YouTube channel at the bottom of the post.

I find that I enjoy watching videos that talk about decluttering and getting their life in order. I find it’s motivational for me and I find that I want to do more of it then when I go without watching these type of videos. I also think on some level due to everything that has happened over the last two years – in a way you feel connected to other people. The reality is you only known a small portion about the people in these videos. It’s easy to feel attach to them but you will never meet them and even if you did meet them becoming friends is less likely. I don’t really compare myself to these family but I have found that one of the reasons why I haven’t taken a step in vlogging is because I know my videos won’t look like most of the videos I have watched. I get it they have been doing this for years so they have nice equipment and if this would be something I would do I would end up investing in those things. I do have a new iPhone so the camera is a good quality and I know some of them use their phone to do some footage because it’s easier then taking a camera everywhere. My issue is my house is far from looking nice because I live in a rental and we aren’t doing anything to improve it. The owners plan to only rent this place for a few years before their child moves in and we were fine that they did not paint because we have young kids and it’s just going to be a mess by the time we leave.

A few other reasons why I have been heisted to start one is because I have a slight lisps and I think on some level people tune me out because of it. I also don’t really wear makeup so I won’t look “presentable” and I get that there are a lot of people who wear no to little make-up. The thing is we are used to looking at people who look put together and we enjoy looking at faces that wear makeup. I also have zero fashion sense and my hair is boring – I hope to one day improve on those things but who knows how long that will take since I’m pregnant and our budget doesn’t factor those items that can improve those areas. I hope to get braces again one day to take care of my front teeth but that is far down the road. I hate that I have allowed all these things keep me from doing something I may enjoy if I take the time to do it. I am not really sure what my mission would be but I would start by sharing about the things I enjoy watching. I have a lot of organizing to do and still have boxes to unpack in the garage before it gets warm. I have areas that need my attention that I can get set up to help with everyday living. I plan on homeschooling and I could share that journey. There is a lot of changes happening and I could bring people along the journey. I also know that doing this would open me up to a lot of negative things. I could get a following and/or I could get a lot of criticism. I think on some level for me having a purpose behind things would help me do the things I need to do but I don’t know. One thing for sure if I did start to vlog our families would have a few things to say about it and I can assure the audience no one would be showing up on the videos when visiting.

Do you have a vlog?
What is keeping you from vlogging?
How would you get started?
What is the main reason why you would begin to vlog?

I know that I need to take some time to do some research and find out what rules I would have to follow. I often hear other YouTubers talk about copyrights and having to add new music. I need to see if I could do it with what I have at hand and if I could stomach showing myself on camera. There is apart of me that feels I should do it despite not having a nice home and not looking perfect because maybe people need to see other people who doesn’t have the things they have worked so hard to get. One of downsizes of watching YouTubers is that most of the people didn’t do this during the times in their life were they were making ends meet. They got through all that and are able to share the results of all that hard-work. I don’t compare myself to them because I know one day I’ll be there but I’m not there at this time in my life. We may not be there for another few years.

I also enjoy watching/listening:
The Gathered Nest
Growing Up in Polygamy


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