Free Books!

Party Win!

A few weeks ago I participated in an online book event through Usborne. It was a mega party give away – the large group was giving away $150 dollars in book scholarship for two winners and two $50 dollars book scholarship. This is the second party I participated and won free books. I’ll post another post with the pictures from that hall. I LOVE books and I love providing LOTS of books for my kids. I created this short video of opening the box of free books. I got to chose which books I wanted and I tired to pick out titles that my kids would enjoy now. I am so excited to share them with my kids.

If you have never participated in an Usborne party you may not know that to win a prize you have to participate in a variety of ways. Now the downsize is if you don’t do a few of the big participation to get larger amount of points you may not get enough to win the prize. I decided I wanted those free books so I did everything to get ALL the points. I participated in a party over the summer and won another set of free books worth $100. The only thing I didn’t do in that party was become a consultant. I am now once again a Usborne consultant. I signed up June 2020 but did nothing with it because our world came crashing down around us and I went into survival mode. I wasn’t even in a place where I could take advantage of the discount you can get without actually participating in the business.

I just hosted another party and managed to get some sales and I’m about to get some more books through the party. I’m not going to go into details to how that all works. The books can seem pretty pricey over all but there are a lot of books you can’t really find in the stores. Trust me I buy my kids books ALL the time. I rarely come across a lot of the interactive books that Usborne offers. I could take time to share which books are my kids favorites but I’ll saved that for another post. Hosting a party really isn’t hard and can be fun if people understand how they work. One thing I did with this last party was I made sure to go through ALL THE POST and responded in some way. Overall it didn’t take me long to participate and rack up the points. I did the same thing for the summer party and won the grand prize.

Now the biggest downsize I have found is that I can’t leave most of the books out for the kids to look through without supervising. My kids are still pretty young so they don’t understand that if they ripe off the tap it ruins the book. I have a lot of great plans for these books and I already have a handful of more books I plan to get soon.

If you have brought books from Usborne what are a few of your favorites? I’m not sure when another party will launch for a large amount of free books but I do know there are benefits of hosting a party because you do receive some bonuses if you reach a certain amount of sales. Honestly it’s not hard to do even if a handful of people buy one book.


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