M is for MOVING (Mini Series – Post 1)

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

How many times have you moved in your life?

The very first move I had in my life was when I was a baby from one state to another state. I moved again at the age of three when my parents decided to get divorced. My mom packed up our stuff and we moved to the west side of the state we lived in and moved in with her parents. I have a handful of memories in the early years of life and one was me on a tricycle in my grandmothers living room (today is actually the 18th year of her passing). I was in a diaper and getting really mad at this large stuffed animals because it kept falling off the bike. I still had to learn the concept of gravity. There is a picture in an old family album of this event that I later learned that we were preparing to move out so you can see the boxes in the back ground. I spent the next 6ish years at the same location and the move to another house was done slowly over time and the only thing we took was our clothes and a few personal items.

I will spare you all the other unofficial and official moves that took place in my life from 14 until 32. My family that has grown since 2016 moved four times in the last four years. It’s been a whirlwind and the reality is we will be moving again next year. I can officially say I’m TIRED of moving and I’m tired of all the stuff we have kept over the years. I wish I could find all the pictures I have taken during all these moves because it’s truly is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated and how much stuff we have gotten rid of over the years. I should try to find the square footage of each locations. I will have to start deep driving for old pictures. I LOVE taking pictures of everything so I know I have them somewhere.

Moving is NEVER easy but lets throw kids in the mix and it’s chaos. P2 and I talk often about what we will be getting rid of once we move (again) and the crazy thing is we haven’t even finished unpacking. We unloaded a truck this morning of stuff from his mother’s house where the kids and I lived for almost a year after taking a big hit during the pandemic. I am overwhelmed by the stuff and it’s all in the shed and the thing is that 75% is kids related items. I think I’m going to write a series about moving and the challenge I faced during those times. I have always been envious of those who never had to move. I am looking forward to the day we can get a house and be done. Our oldest who has moved four times – hence the four times in four years is tired of moving. He wants to get settled and he heard us talking about it and asked if we could buy a house so we don’t have to move for very long time (he waved his little finger in the air when was saying this).

Moving is expressive and I NOW understand why people hire other people to do the packing and moving. We plan to put money aside so that when it’s time for us to move again we can use a company so we don’t have to move anything. We also have some pretty extreme plans for our stuff so this may get interesting.

What do you like about moving?
What do you not like about moving?
What is the most challenging?
What was your easiest move?
What was the most frustrating move?
If cost was no issue how would you handle your next move?


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