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Cue music “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid they got a million toys at Toys R us that I can play with….”

I remember hearing this song as I grew up but I barely ever got to buy anything at this store. I remember we had one right next to the Walmart. Now that I’m older I understand why I was never allowed to buy a toy at this location – it was always to much money. I have always been aware of the cost of items that even when family members would take me out to pick out a toy I would often try to find items that didn’t cost a lot of money. I had toys growing up but I also had a best friend who was an only child who parents got her anything she wanted. She had a pool, she had trampoline, she had polly pockets (the big sets), she had ever gaming system that came out, and she had a fisher price 3 in 1 gaming table. I LOVED going to her house because I got to play with all the latest and greatest toys. I longed to have those toys and even when I got older I found myself buying certain things to satisfy those desires.

I was in college when I finally got to play through Mario 64 and actually beat the game. I’m that person who likes to collect everything in a game and finish ever task. I will waste countless hours collecting ever star and finding every object. Now that I have kids I find that I am sort of living my childhood through them. Gifts are also my moms and MIL love language and they often get our kids toys for birthdays, Christmas, and just because they want to give them toys. I grew up with family members who LOVE going yard sales and thrift store shopping. I learned this skill from those family members and I have found a lot of nice almost brand new items over the years. I have also allowed myself to buy stuff that I didn’t need and ended up just giving it away afterward or throwing it out. I love the thrill of finding things for a low price. I will share more about this in a personal post on a later date.

Over the last four years I have strived to become more of a minimalist but I am not this way in the toy department. I will most likely post often about this topic because it’s an area that I’m trying to work through for myself. I have tricks I have done to help with inventory and I have a philosophy on the use of toys. I have gone against my belief in some areas and have embraced other areas. I also have allowed my work experience affect how I handle toys. I am hoping to share some old pictures of our other locations to share what I have done over the years but it will take me time to hunt them down.

I have an Instagram account that I wanted to share that focus on the toys I have found during my outing to local thrift store and yard sales. I share the price I find online and how much I ended up paying. I try to be mindful of what my children are interested at this time but I do find things for the future ages. If you like the thrill of finding a bargain check out my account and add me to follow my journey.

Share with me how you handle toys and you thoughts on providing toys. I will share my philosophy and why I have allowed myself to get where I am today in a later post.

How do you handle toys?
What areas is a weakness for you?
What areas are you firm on?


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